Current Projects


Professor Sofya Aptekar: 2017 Principal Investigator, Springfield Disparity Study. City of Springfield, Massachusetts, $20,000. Establish an accurate description and analysis of workforce characteristics in the Springfield area in order to inform and assist in the creation of public policy.

Professor Philip Brenner: 2014–2017 Principal Investigator, Characterizing Nonresponse Error Across General Population Survey Data Collection Modes. National Science Foundation, Division of Economic and Social Sciences. $308,225. This research project will advance knowledge about nonresponse error introduced by different modes of data collection for a wide variety of survey measures.

Professor Janice Iwama: 2017 Project Manager, An Assessment of the Implementation of the Act Relative to the Reduction in Gun Violence. Northeastern University (prime: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & Security), $30,000.

Professor Andrea Leverentz: 2013–2017  Principal Investigator, The Influences of Place in the Desistance from Crime and Reintegration of Adult Former Prisoners. National Science Foundation, $315,411.

Professor Andrea Leverentz: 2017–2020  Principal Investigator, Transdisciplinary Doctoral Dissertation Training Program. Social Science Research Council, $170,850. Project objectives include providing guidance to students in all aspects of dissertation proposal writing, and providing an intellectual forum for discussions about interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, and social justice.

Professor Leslie Wang: 2017 Principal Investigator, Community-Engaged Intervention Addressing Mental Health Effects of Prolonged International Parent-Child Separation in Chinese Immigrant Families. UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science Community Research Innovative Scholars Program Award, $7,500. Matched with $7,500 from the UMass Boston Vice Provost for Research and Strategic Initiatives.

Professor Kevin Wozniak: 2015-2017 Principal Investigator, Racialized Cues and Support for Justice Reinvestment: A Mixed-Method Study of Public Opinion. W.E.B. DuBois Fellowship for Research in Race, Gender, Culture, and Crime. U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, $144,329. This project uses racial priming theory to test how exposure to racialized cues, such as the words “welfare” and “inner-city,” affect people’s support for justice reinvestment, a policy initiative to reduce prison populations.

Professor Heather Zaykowski: 2015-2017 Principal Investigator, Senator Charles E. Shannon Jr. Community Safety Initiative - Local Action Research Partner Grant. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & Security, $160,926. This program provides strategic, analytic, and research support to the CSI site of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.



Professor Bianca Bersani: 2015–2017 Principal Investigator, Ethnic Identity and Self-Esteem as Mechanisms for the Intergenerational Disparity in Offending across Immigrant Generations. UMass Boston Healey Grant. $6,942.

Professor Megan Klein Hattori and Professor Jackie Lageson: 2015–2017 Co-Principal Investigators, Study of Sexual Exploitation in Boston. UMass Boston Public Service Grant. $10,000.

Professor Leslie Wang: 2015–2017 Principal Investigator, Transnational Parent-Child Separation Among Chinese Immigrant Families in Boston. UMass Boston Proposal Development Grant. $22,700.

Professor Leslie Wang: 2016–2017 Principal Investigator, Cross-Border Kinship: Grandparents Raising American-Born Grandchildren in China. UMass Boston Office of Global Programs Grant. $5,000.