Current Projects


Professor Sofya Aptekar: 2017–2020 Principal Investigator, Immigration Status and Higher Education: Evidence from a Large Public University. City College of New York (prime: William T. Grant Foundation). $154,689. The study investigates educational trajectories of undocumented college students in the City University of New York system.

Professor Sofya Aptekar: 2017 Principal Investigator, Springfield Disparity Study. City of Springfield, Massachusetts, $20,000. Establish an accurate description and analysis of workforce characteristics in the Springfield area in order to inform and assist in the creation of public policy.

Professor Philip Brenner: 2014–2017 Principal Investigator, Characterizing Nonresponse Error Across General Population Survey Data Collection Modes. National Science Foundation, Division of Economic and Social Sciences. $308,225. This research project will advance knowledge about nonresponse error introduced by different modes of data collection for a wide variety of survey measures.

Professor Janice Iwama: 2017 Project Manager, An Assessment of the Implementation of the Act Relative to the Reduction in Gun Violence. Northeastern University (prime: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & Security), $30,000.

Professor Andrea Leverentz: 2013–2017  Principal Investigator, The Influences of Place in the Desistance from Crime and Reintegration of Adult Former Prisoners. National Science Foundation, $315,411.

Professor Andrea Leverentz: 2017–2020  Principal Investigator, Transdisciplinary Doctoral Dissertation Training Program. Social Science Research Council, $170,850. Project objectives include providing guidance to students in all aspects of dissertation proposal writing, and providing an intellectual forum for discussions about interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, and social justice.

PhD student Adam Pittman: 2017–2018  Principal Investigator, Managing Methadone Mile. Boston Area Research Initiative, $5,000. This research study supports the development of the South End Good Neighbor Policy in collaboration with the Worcester Square Neighborhood Association.

Professor Leslie Wang: 2017–2018  Principal Investigator, Community-Engaged Intervention Addressing Mental Health Effects of Prolonged International Parent-Child Separation in Chinese Immigrant Families. UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science Community Research Innovative Scholars Program Award, $7,500. Matched with $7,500 from the UMass Boston Vice Provost for Research and Strategic Initiatives.

Professor Kevin Wozniak: 2015-2017 Principal Investigator, Racialized Cues and Support for Justice Reinvestment: A Mixed-Method Study of Public Opinion. W.E.B. DuBois Fellowship for Research in Race, Gender, Culture, and Crime. U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, $144,329. This project uses racial priming theory to test how exposure to racialized cues, such as the words “welfare” and “inner-city,” affect people’s support for justice reinvestment, a policy initiative to reduce prison populations.

Professor Heather Zaykowski: 2015-2017 Principal Investigator, Senator Charles E. Shannon Jr. Community Safety Initiative - Local Action Research Partner Grant. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & Security, $160,926. This program provides strategic, analytic, and research support to the CSI site of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.



Professor Bianca Bersani: 2015–2017 Principal Investigator, Ethnic Identity and Self-Esteem as Mechanisms for the Intergenerational Disparity in Offending across Immigrant Generations. UMass Boston Healey Grant. $6,942.

Professor Megan Klein Hattori and Professor Jackie Lageson: 2015–2017 Co-Principal Investigators, Study of Sexual Exploitation in Boston. UMass Boston Public Service Grant. $10,000.

Professor Andrea Leverentz: 2017–2018 Principal Investigator, Juvenile Diversion and Restorative Justice. This project evaluates the Juvenile Alternative Resolution Program, a restorative justice program for juveniles that is a collaboration between UMass Boston, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, and five community youth organizations. UMass Boston Public Service Grant. $9,975.

Professor Leslie Wang: 2015–2018 Principal Investigator, Transnational Parent-Child Separation Among Chinese Immigrant Families in Boston. UMass Boston Proposal Development Grant. $22,700.

Professor Leslie Wang: 2016–2017 Principal Investigator, Cross-Border Kinship: Grandparents Raising American-Born Grandchildren in China. UMass Boston Office of Global Programs Grant. $5,000.