Social Psychology, BA


  • In July 2014, the Board of Higher Education approved the retitling of the Psychology/Sociology, BA to Social Psychology, BA. The curriculum remains the same.

For students who are interested in small-group and interpersonal dynamics, mental health, human development, and communication, the social psychology major offers a foundation in human behavior. It focuses on the intersection between individual psychology, the larger framework of social interactions, and the many ways that the social order affects individual lives. Social psychology gives insight into issues of power and status; mental, emotional, and physical health; deviance and conformity; and interpersonal communications. It also opens the door to private- and public-sector careers that bridge the disciplines.

Social psychology students have gone on to study at the graduate level, including degrees in gerontology, dispute resolution, forensic services, and social work. Other alumni have pursued careers in teaching, research, mental health counseling, and health services.

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