Social Psychology Requirements

The Social Psychology Major

Students are required to declare the major no later than the start of their junior year. Waiving or modifying any joint major requirement must be approved by both departments.

Seven foundational course requirements:

Elective courses. Select one of the two concentrations below. Students must complete 3 psychology courses and 3 sociology courses in the chosen concentration. 

Systems and Social Influence Concentration:

PSYCH 234 (Psychology of Cross-Cultural Relations)
PSYCH 333 (Group Dynamics)
PSYCH 335 (Social Attitudes and Public Opinion)
PSYCH 338 (Community Psychology)
PSYCH 339 (The Psychology of Law)
PSYCH 403 (Gender, Culture & Health)
PSYCH 496/497 (Senior Honors Research)
SOCIOL 200 (Racial & Ethnic Relations)
SOCIOL 201 (Youth and Society)
SOCIOL 232 (Sociology of Work)
SOCIOL 242 (The Family)
SOCIOL 300 (Sociology of Media and Mass Communication)
SOCIOL 375L (Indian Cinema)
SOCIOL 382 (Sociology of Gender)
SOCIOL 478/479 (Directed Study in Sociology)

Individual in Social Context Concentration:
(Only one intermediate Psychology course (PSYCH 215, 241, 242, 250, 255) will be counted towards the Individual in Social Context Concentration.)

PSYCH 215 (Abnormal Psychology)
PSYCH 241 (Infancy and Childhood Development) or PSYCH 242 (Adolescence)
PSYCH 250 (Learning and Memory) or PSYCH 255 (Perception)
PSYCH 333 (Group Dynamics)
PSYCH 337 (Communication and Society)
PSYCH 415 (Psychological Trauma: Individual and Society)
PSYCH 430 (Internship in Psychology)
PSYCH 434 (Social Perception)
PSYCH 441 (The Family and the Child: A Psychological View)
PSYCH 477 (Experimental Social Psychology)
PSYCH 479 (Field Placement in Early Development)
PSYCH 496/497 (Senior Honors Research)
SOCIOL 310 (Socialization)
SOCIOL 316 (Family Violence in America)
SOCIOL 346 (Self in Society: Studies of Autobiographies)
SOCIOL 362 (Juvenile Delinquency)
SOCIOL 368 (Alcoholism: Etiology and Epidemiology)
SOCIOL 384 (Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care)
SOCIOL 386 (Sociology of Mental Health and Illness)
SOCIOL 460 (Internship: Sociology in the City)
SOCIOL 478/479 (Directed Study in Sociology)

Senior Capstone:

Any 400-level psychology course in the list of concentration electives OR one of the following 400-level sociology courses. Students must achieve a C- or better to obtain capstone credit.

SOCIOL 460 (Internship: Sociology in the City)
SOCIOL 470 (Senior Seminar)
SOCIOL 473 (Senior Seminar: Diversity and Social Change)
SOCIOL 478/479 (Directed Study in Sociology)
Any SOCIOL course numbered 600 or higher (with permission of the graduate program director)

Additional notes: