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Women’s and Gender Studies Department

Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that produces and disseminates knowledge through research, teaching, and activism. The Department of Women's and Gender Studies at UMass Boston is inspired by feminist movements for social justice locally, nationally, and globally.

Our faculty members strive to provide undergraduate students with the tools to analyze and articulate relationships among systems of structural inequality, including those based on sex/gender, race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, religion, and nation.  We encourage and mentor students to achieve their academic and career goals. We aim to stimulate students' personal and intellectual growth, political engagement, and social action. We also work to facilitate intellectual, curricular, and programmatic exchanges and innovations on campus and beyond.

Centers & Institutes

Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights

Why UMass Boston?

Alumnus, adjunct professor, and acclaimed filmmaker Chico Colvard giving his IDEAS Boston presentation.

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Chico Colvard is one of more than 100 innovators who share their ideas each year at IDEAS Boston.

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