"I was a teaching assistant for an introductory women's studies class, and any doubts that I had about the vital necessity of gender studies were erased by the experience. For many students, it was the first time they'd been asked to consider and reconsider ideas that they'd taken for granted about gender, race, class, sexual orientation, power, and privilege; it was amazing and energizing to watch students passionately discuss and challenge social inequalities. It was a great reminder as to why I majored in Women's and Gender Studies."

Major Requirements

Of the ten courses required for the major, six must be interdisciplinary WOST courses, and five must be upper division (300 level or above).  In the case of a double major, no more than two courses may fill requirements in both majors.

We recommend that majors take the Research course prior to their final year, if possible.

Women’s Studies majors must take one course from each of the following six (6) groups.  These five courses are part of the ten total courses you need for the major.

Five Specific Requirements:

  1. Introductory Course
  2. Historical Perspectives
  3. Feminist Thought
  4. Interdisciplinary Research
  5. Internship/Field Experience

Additionally, one of these 10 courses must satisfy our Multicultural Awareness requirement.

Minor Requirements

Six courses (18 credits) are required, three of which must be upper level (300-400 level).

Three of the six must be interdisciplinary WOST/WGS courses, one of which must be upper level.

One course must be selected from the group which fulfills the multicultural requirement (see reverse).

One introductory course must be taken (WOST/WGS 100, 110, or 150)

One course must be taken from one of the remaining four categories listed on the reverse of this sheet.

Only three courses may be transfer courses.

No more than six credits of Independent Study can count towards the minor.

Only one course may count toward both the WGS Minor and the Major.

Women’s and Gender Studies minors must also take one course from one of the following four (4) groups.  This course will be one of the six total courses required for the minor.

Historical Perspectives

Feminist Thought

Interdisciplinary Research

Internship/Field Experience