Doctoral Program

Business Administration, PhD

PhD in Business Administration

An understanding of business and organizations is central for knowledge creation about many phenomena in the social sciences. Studies of business shed light on vital processes such as: how labor and capital flow around the globe; how vast information systems are parsed to allocate resources, from R&D investment to health care; how the environment can be stewarded sustainably through multi-sector partnerships involving business, government, and NGOs; how the livelihoods and well-being of diverse populations will be secured in the future; and more. UMass Boston has expanded its role in knowledge creation with the advanced study of business to fully grasp many complex and vexing contemporary issues.

The PhD in Business Administration fills the need for advanced business study to better understand these complex issues. The doctoral program in business administration at the College of Management at UMass Boston is a selective full-time program that trains students for academic and professional careers. Candidates devise their own course of study, with guidance from a faculty committee, and undertake in-depth study in one of three tracks:

Faculty Teaching in this Program

This program is supported by a dedicated faculty who pursue a broad research agenda in the areas of Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, Finance, and Management Information Systems. The faculty work closely with doctoral students as collaborators, mentors, and research advisors beginning in the first semester of the program. For more information on individual faculty, please visit the individual track faculty pages.


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