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How much is it going to cost me to attend UMass Boston?
Below is an estimate of a single graduate student’s annual expenses. Bear in mind that these cost estimates for living expenses are minimum estimates for a 12-month period and that, depending on the individual, actual costs may be higher. Students must be prepared to pay their own expenses and should anticipate yearly increases in both tuition and living expenses. Transportation to and from the United States is not included in the estimates. Expense / Cost Tuition $9,758.00 Fees (including health insurance) $11,569.00 Room and Board $10,200.00 Books and Supplies $860.00 Personal Expenses (Miscellaneous) $3,000.00 Total $35,387.00
Do you offer financial aid?
Students accepted by the program are ordinarily offered full tuition credits and a stipend ($25,000 per year) to cover educational expenses and help defray living costs for up to three years of study. During the first two years of coursework they are assigned to a faculty member as a research assistant; for the third year students will be engaged in instructional activities. Funding for the 4th year is merit-based from a limited pool of program funds.
What teaching responsibilities will I have as part of the aid package?
Students in the PhD program are generally expected to gain classroom-teaching experience as primary instructors before graduating.
Does UMass Boston have graduate student housing?
The University does not currently offer graduate student housing. We do provide housing referral assistance and have a partnership with several area apartment complexes. Please call 617.287.6011 or consult for more information on prices and availability.