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How would you describe your doctoral program?
The PhD in Business Administration at the College of Management at UMass Boston is designed to prepare students for leadership roles as educators, researchers, business analysts, and organization decision makers. Our business administration program is multidisciplinary, offering specialized training in a variety of management disciplines while bridging theories, concepts, and research methods drawn from across the social and behavioral sciences. Our approach reflects the urban mission of the University of Massachusetts Boston and gives special attention to the needs and opportunities of diverse, global communities
What distinguishes your PhD in Business Administration?
• Specialized Tracks: Students may choose to specialize in Organizations and Social Change , Finance (start date 2014) or Management Information Systems (start date 2016). • Small Classes: The College of Management’s PhD in Business Administration program is dedicated to the personal and intellectual growth of a small group of students. A maximum of eight students are enrolled in the specialized tracks each year. • Financial Aid: Most admitted students are offered graduate assistantships with tuition credits, a health insurance credit, and stipends for up to four years of study. • Research Opportunities: Students and faculty in the program engage in research and policy projects closely connected with several university business centers and institutes.
What do your graduates do?
Graduates of the program will be prepared for academic careers in research-oriented business schools, as well as professional and executive positions in public and private organizations.
Do I need a master’s degree to apply for your PhD program?
No, students holding a bachelor’s degree are eligible for admissions. However, it is expected that candidates have completed prior master’s level academic work.
Do I need to have a bachelor’s and/or master’s in management?
Not necessarily. We do expect prospective students to have broad, foundation knowledge across at least four of the six traditional business areas of Accounting, Finance, Operations Management, Marketing, Information Systems, and Organizational Behavior. You can demonstrate that background by having taken five or more graduate level courses (or their equivalencies) across the business foundation areas or across the disciplines that provide the substantive foundations for business studies, including computer science, economics, mathematics, political science, psychology, and sociology. Depending on your track, we also expect you to have a basic level of proficiency equivalent to one semester each of calculus, statistics, linear algebra, and micro/macro economics at the undergraduate or graduate level.
If I already have a master’s degree from the College of Management, may I move directly into the PhD program?
No. The master’s programs and the PhD are entirely separate. Students wanting to earn a master’s degree in a management field from UMass Boston should apply directly to those programs. The PhD program does not offer terminal or “en route” master’s degrees.