Faculty Achievements

Summer 2015

  • Alessia Contu chair of Management and Marketing department, was awarded the Paper of the Year award by the Human Relations journal, at the annual Academy  of Management conference in Vancouver.   
  • Stephan Manning won the prestigious Temple/AIB Best Paper Award at this year's Academy of International Business Annual Conference in Bangalore together with Marcus Larsen (Copenhagen Business School) for their paper “Does Institutional Distance Still Matter? Industry Standards in Global Sourcing Location Decisions".
  • Suhaib Riaz’s article, “Bringing inequality back in: The economic inequality footprint of management and organizational practices“ recently appeared in a special issue of Human Relations.
  • Nardia Haigh’s recently successfully completed the special issue of California Management Review on hybrid organizations. The issue is titled “Hybrid Organizations: Origins, Strategies, Impacts, and Implications.”

Spring 2015

  • Jurui Zhang recently had her paper, "Social Learning in Networks of Friends versus Strangers," published at one of the top journals in marketing, Marketing Science.
  • Haijing Hao’s paper entitled “The Development of Online Doctor Reviews in China: An Analysis of the Largest Online Doctor Review Website in China,” has been accepted by the Journal of Medical Internet Research.
  • IT and People, a premiere journal in the field of information systems, selected Jonathan Kim’s information security paper as a Highly Commended Paper of 2014. His research paper titled “An emote opportunity model of computer abuse” develops and evaluates a computer abuse model that integrates organizational abuse settings and individual’s psychological processes.  
  • Davood Golmohammadi’s article “A New Look at the Fundamental Premises of Complexity and Scheduling of Job Shop Systems under the Theory of Constraints” has been accepted to the A-level journal, Naval Research Logistics. 
  • Davood Golmohammadi’s article, “A Study of Scheduling in Job-Shop Systems Based on Theory of Constraints”, will be published in June 2015 in the A-level journal, International.
  • College of Management undergraduate student, Nicole Hamilton's honors thesis was accepted for publication in the Undergraduate Business and Economics Research Journal​. The thesis is titled "Downside and Upside Risk of Corporate Social Responsibility."
  • Nardia Haigh and PhD student Elena Dowin Kennedy’s article “Hybrid Organizations as Shape-Shifters: Altering Legal Structure for Strategic Gain” was recently accepted for publication in California Management Review.
  • Nardia Haigh’s article “Hybrid Organizations: Origins, Strategies, Impacts and Implications” was recently accepted for publication in California Management Review.
  • Haijing Hao presented her new research: Text Mining the Largest Health Online Community in China at the Analytics 360 Symposium at Brandeis University on April 8.
  • Stephan Manning, together with Marcus Larsen (Copenhagen Business School) and Pratyush Bharati (UMass Boston), recently had a paper accepted in the Journal of International Business Studies (ranked #6 out of 110 business journals in JCR. The paper is titled “Global Delivery Models: The Role of Talent, Speed and Time Zones in the Global Outsourcing Industry.”
  • On April 16, Vesela Veleva presented her student research on sustainability at the 5th Massachusetts Sustainable Communities/Sustainable Campuses Conference.
  • The Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), #6 ranked academic journal in 'Business' (Thomson Reuters Impact Factors 2014), just accepted a new paper, co-authored by Stephan Manning (UMass Boston), Marcus Larsen (Copenhagen Business School) and Pratyush Bharati (UMass Boston), titled 'Global Delivery Models: The Role of Talent, Speed and Time Zones in the Global Outsourcing Industry'. The paper analyzes the role of speed of service delivery and access to talent as drivers of setting up 'global delivery models' (GDMs) in the global outsourcing industry. GDMs are a new form of IT-enabled global set-ups of delivery centers, e.g. of call centers, tech support and administrative services, global service providers, such as Accenture, Infosys and IBM Global Services, establish that combines proximity to global clients with time-zone spread allowing for 24/7 service delivery and access to globally dispersed resources.

Doctoral Speaker Series

  • The doctoral program’s hosted distinguished scholars from institutions both local and international for the track’s speaker series.  The Organizations & Social Change group brought in Professors Jean Bartunek (Boston College), who discussed her work “ Academics and practitioners are alike and unlike” and Professors Thibault Gaudigeos & Stéphane Jaumier (Grenoble École de Management), who presented a paper entitled, “Understanding the linkages between field- and organization-level modes of  power: A historical study of the government of workplace accidents”. Finance seminar brought Dr. Ari Yezegel (Bentley University), who presented his work  entitled “Aggregate analyst recommendation ratings and international stock market returns.”
  • Nardia Haigh and Elena Dowin Kennedy’s (PhD student) paper “Hybrid Organizations as Shape-Shifters: Altering Legal Structure for Strategic Gain” has been accepted by California Management Review.
  • Third year doctoral student, Elena Dowin Kennedy, was the recipient of a research grant from the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.  The grant will support data collection efforts in Ecuador for her research project entitled, “Positioning the Beneficiary: The Role of Entwinement in Social Enterprise Impact and Performance Measurement”.
  • Jeffrey Keisler, Michael Johnson(MGS) and R. Drew’s (MGS PhD student) co-authored article “Value focused thinking for community-based organizations: Objectives and acceptance in local development: was published in the EURO Journal on Decision
  • Jeffrey Keisler’s coauthored article "Weight of Evidence" Analysis to Quantitative Data Integration using Multicriteria Decision Aanalysis and Bayesian Methods was recently published in ALTEX.
  • One-Ki (Daniel) Lee’s, paper “How Does IT Ambidexterity Impact Organizational Agility?” was recently accepted to a FT ranked journal, Information Systems Research.

Foad Mahdavi-Pajouh’s articles have been listed among the most cited articles in their corresponding journals.

  • On inclusionwise maximal and maximum cardinality k-clubs in graphs. Discrete Optimization.
  • An RFID network design methodology for asset tracking in healthcare. Decision Support Systems.
  • Benyamin Lichtenstein’s (co-authored) article, “Power Law Distributions in Entrepreneurship: Implications for Theory and Research” was recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Business Venturing.  (In Press - accepted January, 2015).  
  • Vesela Veleva presented her poster, "Ocean Renewable Power Company: Lessons from the First Commercial Tidal System in the U.S.” at the Energy and Climate Change National Conference organized by the National Council for Science and Environment (NCSE) on January 27-29 in Washington D.C. UMass Boston is an affiliate organization to the NCSE.

Fall 2014

  • Jurui Zhang and her coauthor Angela Liu from Tsinghua University have been recently granted by National Natural Science Foundation of China for our working project titled: "Digital Marketing​ and Its Interaction with Geographical and Spatial Marketing Under the Social Network Environment". The $104,000 grant spans 4 years till December 2018.
  • The Financial Services Forum is announced the completion of Research Fellow James Grant's manuscript entitled, "Perspectives on the Global Financial Crisis from Emerging Managers and Public Policy Makers". Abridged and full versions of the manuscript are both available. 
  • Rui Li’s paper, “Investment and CEO Compensation under Limited Commitment” has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Financial Economics. The Journal of Financial Economics is in the coveted FT 45 list used by the Financial Times in compiling Business School research rank. There are only 4 journals in Finance that appear in this list.
  • Louise Parker's article "Prescribing Clinicians’ Perspectives on Evidence-Based Psychotherapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder" was recently published in Behavioral Sciences.
  • Vesela Veleva's article, "Understanding and addressing business needs and sustainability challenges: Lessons from Devens Eco-Industrial Park" was recently published in the Journal of Cleaner Production.
  • Haijing Hao's research is referenced in The Economist. “Patients around the world are starting to give doctors a piece of their mind. The result should be better care.”
  • Benyamin Lichtenstein's book, Generative Emergence, was printed and released by Oxford University Press in July 2014.  The book integrates 30 years of research in entrepreneurship, innovation, and complexity science, and calls for a discipline of emergence across the academy. 
  • Vesela Veleva’s book, "Business, Environment and Society - Themes and Cases" was released in August 2014.
  • UMass Boston Professors Win Best Paper Award at 2014 Marketing & Public Policy Conference

Spring 2014

  • Joseph P. Healey Research Grant Program
    • Roger Blake and Ehsan Elahi’s proposal “An Experimental Investigation of Competitive Decision Making” has been recommended by the review panel of the Joseph P. Healey Research Grant Program and approved for funding in the amount of $9,047.00.
  • Social Media, Big Data and Innovation - A Research Forum at IIM Bangalore
    • The Center for Software and IT Management at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore organized a unique research forum on ‘Social Media, Big Data and Innovation’. Pratyush Bharati, Professor of Management Information Systems at UMass Boston, co-organized the forum. The research forum was held on March 15th and was attended by 200 participants representing 60 IT organizations. The forum was held in collaboration with Kcommunity Bangalore, NASSCOM, NHRD Network Bangalore, PGSEM Participants of IIMB and the University of Massachusetts Boston.
  • Vincent Xie’s paper, “Disentangling the effects of perceived deception and anticipated harm on consumer responses to deceptive advertising” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Sangwan Kim’s paper entitled "Analyst forecasts and the permanence of tax change component of earnings" (coauthored with Andy Schmidt at NCSU and Kelly Wentland at UNC) was accepted for presentation at the American Taxation Association (ATA) Midyear meeting that took place in February in San Antonio, TX.