Undergraduate SMF

Tour and Presentation of the Stock Chart Room at Fidelity Investments, Patrick Torbert, Technical Research Associate; Fidelity Management and Research Company
Tour of the New York Stock Exchange, New York City
Tour of Bloomberg Headquarters, New York City
Trading Floor Tour and Presentation by Mr. Nick Bonn; Senior Vice President, State Street


The award-winning Undergraduate Student Managed Fund, along with other funds managed by the students in the College of Management, provides exceptional hands-on training to graduate and undergraduate students. With more than $100,000 of assets under management at its peak, the fund enables students to distinguish their specialization in investment, provides Bloomberg data certifications.  Through invited speakers from the industry the Fund offers a platform to interact with leaders and decision-makers from Boston’s financial services industry.

Student Managed Fund groups visited the New York Stock Exchange last year and are planning a visit again in May 2016.  Students learned about the history of the stock exchange, toured the trading floor, and shared conversations with designated market makers. They also viewed the closing bell ceremony. In addition to visiting the NYSE, Student Managed Fund students have visited the Fidelity Stock Chart Room, the State Street Trading Room, and Bloomberg in both Boston and New York City.