About Us


The group was founded in 2006 by 3 University of Massachusetts Boston students. It started as an informal club where students could discuss investment ideas. The club slowly evolved into a more structured learning environment with more knowledgeable members leading discussions.
As membership grew the university acknowledged the extracurricular education that we had created. In 2008, the University of Massachusetts Endowment donated $25,000 to be managed by the group. At this time, the university assigned a professor to oversee the group and began offering course credit for participation.



Our Objective -
Our investment universe is limited to long positions in domestic equities and U.S. Treasury bonds. We use a top-down investing strategy to allocate funds according to the most profitable sectors of the market. The group is divided into small research teams specializing in specific sectors. We also have one member economist, who reports to the entire group weekly. Potential investment opportunities are presented to the entire group on a weekly basis. Investment decisions are made at the group level and are approved by a faculty advisor.

Our Structure

The UMass Boston Investment Group is a student run asset management team at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Our primary objective is to further educate students on financial markets by providing them with an opportunity to apply practical knowledge in making real world investment decisions. Our secondary objective is to compete with other University of Massachusetts campuses in creating the highest possible return for our client.