Meet the Team

Spring 2015 UMass Boston Student Managed Fund

Arindam Bandopadhyaya – Faculty Advisor

Dr. Arindam Bandopadhyaya is a Professor of Finance in the Accounting and Finance Department at UMass Boston.  He is also the Director of the College of Management’s Financial Services Forum (FSF).  A two-time recipient of the Dean’s Award for Distinguished Research, Dr. Bandopadhyaya has published in journals like the Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, and Review of Economics and Statistics.  He has contributed chapters to many practitioner oriented books.  He has presented his work at national and international conferences like the Financial Management Association, European Finance Association and European Economic Association.

Dr. Bandopadhyaya has disseminated research reports of the FSF at the Boston Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.  He also uses the FSF as a platform for financial literacy seminars and a seminar series which includes top industry specialists in various industries of the financial services sector.

Dr. Bandopadhyaya teaches courses in the areas of corporate finance, international finance and managerial economics.  Currently, he teaches a course in which students manage a portfolio of funds for a client and a course in which students have an opportunity to travel to India.  He organizes field trips for his students to the State Street Trading Room, the Fidelity Stock Chart Room and the New York Stock Exchange.  He has received coveted teaching awards in the College of Management, including “Professor of the Year Award” and the Betty Diener Award for Teaching Excellence.  Most recently, in 2013 he received the Distinguished Faculty Award, awarded by the Undergraduate Student Government, for “Distinguished Academic Leadership and Outstanding Service to the Students of UMass Boston” and the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Benjamin Bush - President

Benjamin Bush is a current College of Management Senior concentrating in finance. He held a full-time position at State Street bank as an Associate II (a role typically held two years after undergraduate completion), but elected to give up this position to fully participate in the SMF (as company confidentiality required him to choose between the two). Benjamin is versed in leading discussions and helping collaborate to solve issues from his time spent in the US Marine Corps. His work ethic and capacity to make difficult decisions have certainly contributed to setting up a stable future for the SMF. Speaking oftentimes from experience with the trading of his own portfolio, he aims to obtain maximum growth for the fund, while maintaining a diverse spread of investments. Benjamin has accepted a role as an Investment Banking Analyst in New York City, which he will begin in June. His future education goals are to attain an MBA in finance after gaining experience as an analyst, with the possibility of acquiring a CFA further on.

Christopher Rizzo - Vice President

Christopher Rizzo is a senior pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in management with a concentration in finance. After graduation he will be working on obtaining his CFA.  He takes pride in being a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Golden Key and Tau Sigma Honors Societies.  Also Christopher is Bloomberg Certified.

Claudy Jeune  - Vice President

Claudy Jeune is Haiti native who moved to the U.S. in 2007. Claudy is finance concentrator with Management and Economics majors at the University of Massachusetts Boston anticipating graduation in spring 2015. Prior to his departure from Haiti, Claudy started two small businesses. He started a wholesale packaged water business while running an Arcade/Cafe business in 2005 while attending high school. After graduation, Claudy is evaluating a career in Finance or Entrepreneurial management consulting. Claudy is currently managing his own portfolio and follows the stock market very closely. Ultimately, Claudy wants to go back home to Haiti to modernize the country's economy.

Sarwar Sahed  - Vice President

Sarwar is a results-driven leader with 4 years of experience maximizing profits through aggressive client acquisition, customer relationship building, and efficient project execution. His skill-set and industry expertise is comprehensive and up-to-date. Background as a serial entrepreneur with real estate sales, mortgages, and high level management acumen that converts across industry. Unique knack for pinpointing growth potentials and market needs. One of his personal philosophies is the world is ever changing, thus industry is ever changing. You must be like water; flow, engulf, embrace, and fill the ever changing landscape that is your industry.

Claresta Sirait - Economist

Claresta Sirait is a senior at University of Massachusetts Boston and majoring in management with concentrations in finance and management and a minor in economics. She is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Golden Key International Honor Society. She is Bloomberg certified and in the process of becoming Bloomberg proficient. After graduation, she plans to seek professional experience before going to graduate school.

Wayne Buettner - Economist

Wayne Buettner is a senior in the College of Management, concentrating in finance. Wayne is Bloomberg Certified, having successfully completed the Bloomberg Equity Essentials, and Fixed Income Essentials exams, and is expected to graduate in August 2015. Wayne is actively seeking admission to one of several MBA programs and hopes to begin graduate school in the fall of this year. While attending graduate school, Wayne hopes to prepare for and begin the process of becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).  Upon completing graduate school, Wayne hopes to gain employment in the Boston area as a Financial Analyst.

Dave Higgins - Fund Accountant

Dave Higgins is a senior at University of Massachusetts, Boston and is majoring in management with a concentration in finance. He works full-time as an accounts payable manager and payroll accountant at a well-known Boston non-profit organization. Dave returned to UMass as a senior to complete his degree part-time to advance his career options. His passions for scuba diving and skiing have taken him to places including Palau, Micronesia and Portillo, Chile.

Hoang Bui - Fund Accountant

Hoang Bui is a senior in the College of Management pursuing a double concentration in business management and finance. After graduation in August of 2015, he plans to find a job in finance field and is considering in getting an MBA in a near future. He is very eager to work with others in the Student Managed Fund. He feels excited to have this great opportunity to gain real experience about stock trading with the team.

Jenda Chan - Secretary

Jenda Chan is a current a senior at University of Massachusetts Boston. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Management with a concentration in Finance. This is Jenda’s first time being exposed to the real market and she enjoys the fast pace. She is a full time student at the university and works part time. Jenda will be graduating in May 2016 and hopes to work for a company that gives back to the communities and has a strong belief in social responsibility.