Meet the Team

The Executive Committee of UMass Boston's Undergraduate Student Managed Fund

Spring 2017 UMass Boston Student Managed Fund

Arindam Bandopadhyaya – Faculty Advisor

Arindam Bandopadhyaya is a professor of finance in the Accounting and Finance Department at UMass Boston.  He is also the director of the College of Management’s Financial Services Forum (FSF). A two-time recipient of the Dean’s Award for Distinguished Research
Professor Bandopadhyaya has published in journals like the Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, and Review of Economics and Statistics. He has contributed chapters to many practitioner oriented books. He has presented his work at national and international conferences like the Financial Management Association, European Finance Association and European Economic Association.

Professor Bandopadhyaya has disseminated research reports of the FSF at the Boston Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. He also uses the FSF as a platform for financial literacy seminars and a seminar series which includes top industry specialists in various industries of the financial services sector.

Professor Bandopadhyaya teaches courses in the areas of corporate finance, international finance, and managerial economics. Currently, he teaches a course in which students manage a portfolio of funds for a client and a course in which students have an opportunity to travel to India. He organizes field trips for his students to the State Street Trading Room, the Fidelity Stock Chart Room and the New York Stock Exchange. He has received coveted teaching awards in the College of Management, including “Professor of the Year Award” and the Betty Diener Award for Teaching Excellence. Most recently, in 2013 he received the Distinguished Faculty Award, awarded by the Undergraduate Student Government, for “Distinguished Academic Leadership and Outstanding Service to the Students of UMass Boston” and the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Teaching.

John Horrigan – President

John Horrigan is a senior at UMass Boston with a concentration in Finance. Currently he is the President of the undergraduate Student Managed Fund (SMF). He was drawn to the SMF by his passion for financial markets and economics. His interest in technical and fundamental analysis has helped him with his understanding of valuation. In addition, John and four other members of executive committee were selected to compete in a trading competition against 350 other universities, where they are currently in the top 10. During his time at UMass, he has maintained a 3.7 GPA, while working and raising a family. Most recently, he selected as one of the nominees for the John F. Kennedy award for academic excellence and service. Over the last year, John has worked for State Street as a securities valuation specialist, where he handles various clients and their pricing needs. While at State Street, he has become experienced in using the Bloomberg terminals, Reuters and JP Morgan to research pricing based on clients PSA. Outside of school and work, John spends his remaining free time with his wife and two children. He and his family live just a short distance from school in North Quincy. John says he owes his motivation to his family and the mentoring of faculty like Professor Arindam Bandopadhyaya. When he graduates in the spring of 2017, he wants to pursue a career in asset management or become a certified financial analyst. He currently is studying for his CFA level 1 exam.

Enrrique Ibarra – Vice President

Enrrique Ibarra is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston pursuing an Undergraduate Degree in Business Management with a focus in Finance. He is currently serving as a Vice President in the Student Management Fund. This last year he spent five months working as an intern at State Street as a Securities Valuation Specialist. The skills gained from working at State Street include a broader understanding of finance. Some of the skills gained include a better understanding of Bloomberg terminal, Reuters, the Market Place, and JP Morgan as tools to research pricing, based on clients PSA. Before returning to College and finding a passion for finance, he spent eight years in the United States Marine Corps. In his eight years in the Marine Corps, he earned the rank of Sargent and many awards, but none more recognizable than his Joint Service Commendation Awarded, his highest honor earned. The Marine Corps taught him many skills that have transferred into his daily life like dedication, perseverance, motivation, and unbreakable Esprit de Corps. His goal now is to graduate from college in the fall of 2017 and continue to pursue his graduate degree in the Spring of 2018, to further his learning of finance.

Ross Krieger – Vice President

Ross Krieger, a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston concentrating in finance, is currently serving as a Vice Presidents of the Undergraduate Student Managed Fund. While working in hospitality management, Ross began to take an interest in the accounting and finance aspects of the industry. As this interest grew, he decided to return to school to attain his degree. Additionally, Ross is working as an intern with professors from Northeastern University on an alternative to student financing. This internship allows for a broader set of skills ranging from entrepreneurship and marketing, and has given him connections with firms around New England such as Eaton Vance, Rockland Trust, and Liberty Mutual. After graduation in Fall of 2017, Ross will be working towards his CFP designation.

Stephen Matson – Vice President

Stephen Matson is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston, with a concentration in finance at the College of Management. Stephen is currently the Vice President of the Student Managed Fund. Stephen attended Berklee College of Music after high school, and has spent several years working in hospitality management since. Years of management experience have taught Stephen invaluable leadership skills as well as logistical management concepts such as budgeting and cost accounting. Stephen’s interest in finance came after investing for many years, and deciding to take a more active role in his financial decisions. He is excited to finally realize his dream of graduating college with a Bachelor’s degree after many years in the workplace.  Stephen has volunteered for the IRS, and last semester was a student mentor to incoming fresh men students in their econ seminar course. After completion of his bachelor’s degree in July 2017, Stephen will pursue an MBA in international marketing from a Boston area school. Eventually Stephen hopes to be a business owner and CEO.

Artem Kalinin – Vice President

Artem Kalinin is a senior at University of Massachusetts Boston where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Finance, and currently serves as VP for the Undergraduate Student Managed Fund. Artem has had a passion for Finance and Investments, since High School, because in addition to financial knowledge it also requires a more narrow focus, which inspires him to go extra mile in his studies. Over the last few years, Artem gained experience in investing stocks and futures contracts on a virtual platform StockTrak. His portfolio value increased 50% over a period of 3 months. As a result of this achievement on StockTrak, Artem wants to pursue managing real money in the real world and learn more about investment analysis. His goal in class is to get more hands-on experience managing the Umass Boston student fund, and outperform S&P 500. Upon graduation, he is looking forward to pursue a career in financial services and investment banking, where he can apply his analytical and strategic skills. Artem believes that hard work and determination will lead him to success in the field of finance.

Rose Silva – Vice President 

Rose Silva is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston with a concentration in finance, and currently serves as one of the Vice President of the Undergraduate Student Managed Fund. In addition, Rose is working at Loomis Sayles Investments as an Intern on the UWIN (Undergraduate Women Investment Network) program. The internship consists of two rotations; she completed the first rotation with the Product Marketing Team, and now is working on the second rotation with global credit team. Rose seeks to apply her knowledge and analytical skills as an analyst after graduation. Rose believes that her passion and enthusiasm to finance, along with her determination and strong skills set will lead her to earn a successful career in the financial industry.

Marina Eppinger – Vice President/ Economist

Marina Eppinger is a junior at the University of Massachusetts Boston where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with concentrations in Finance and Supply Chain Management, and she currently serves as the Economist for the Undergraduate Student Managed Fund. Her participation in the Loomis and Sales Undergraduate Women’s Investment Network and reading a book The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America by Lawrence Cunningham sparked and encouraged her interest in the financial markets. In the past, Marina worked as a Universal Banker at Citizens Bank where she evaluated the needs of potential customers and recommended appropriate financial products and services.  Over the summer of 2016, Marina served as an intern at Focuslight in Xi’an, China, where she worked in the marketing department and focused on analyzing the financial statements of the company’s competitors. Furthermore, she is currently working as an Internal Audit Intern at iRobot where she is assisting in testing SOX controls, analyzing large quantities of data for Cost Manufacturing and European Operations projects. In the future, Marina plans to apply for the World Bank Group Internship to fulfill her dream working in a diverse environment.

Gaëlle Mbaye – Vice President

Gaëlle Mbaye is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Management degree with a concentration in Finance. She serves as the Vice-President for the Undergraduate Student Managed Fund. She consistently displays a positive attitude and shows enthusiasm, curiosity, motivation and ambition in all that she does. Upon graduation, Gaëlle is looking forward to pursuing a career in financial services where she can apply her strong interpersonal, analytical and quantitative skills. She is an intern for Loomis Sayles & Company, an investment management firm, in Boston in which she has exposure to Economists, Traders, Chartered Portfolio Managers, Research Analyst and Product Managers. Gaëlle was recognized as one of Forbes' Under 30 Scholars, a designation awarded to students who represent "the movers and shakers, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow." Because of her academic achievements Gaëlle has consistently been a member of the Dean's List. She was also inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society & Beta Gamma Sigma for which she actively serves as a Public Relations Director. 

Pierol Perez – Torres – Vice President/ Economist

Pierol Perez-Torres is a senior studying a four-year management program at Umass Boston. Pursuing a concentration in Finance, Pierol has joined the undergraduate asset fund as an economist to further learn about the stock market. Very interested in gaining superior knowledge, he is very pleased to be part of the course and learn aside to Profesor Bondo. skills including his ability to stay tenacious and keen attention to detail, Pierol wants to learn as much as possible and make a positive contribution to inform his classmates with valuable information and help increase the value of our portfolio. Mr. Perez lives in Boston, Massachussets and enjoys activities like running, biking, and long walks.