Meet the Team

The Executive Committee of UMass Boston's Undergraduate Student Managed Fund

Spring 2016 UMass Boston Student Managed Fund

Arindam Bandopadhyaya – Faculty Advisor

Arindam Bandopadhyaya is a professor of finance in the Accounting and Finance Department at UMass Boston.  He is also the director of the College of Management’s Financial Services Forum (FSF). A two-time recipient of the Dean’s Award for Distinguished Research, Professor Bandopadhyaya has published in journals like the Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, and Review of Economics and Statistics. He has contributed chapters to many practitioner oriented books. He has presented his work at national and international conferences like the Financial Management Association, European Finance Association and European Economic Association.

Professor Bandopadhyaya has disseminated research reports of the FSF at the Boston Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. He also uses the FSF as a platform for financial literacy seminars and a seminar series which includes top industry specialists in various industries of the financial services sector.

Professor Bandopadhyaya teaches courses in the areas of corporate finance, international finance, and managerial economics. Currently, he teaches a course in which students manage a portfolio of funds for a client and a course in which students have an opportunity to travel to India. He organizes field trips for his students to the State Street Trading Room, the Fidelity Stock Chart Room and the New York Stock Exchange. He has received coveted teaching awards in the College of Management, including “Professor of the Year Award” and the Betty Diener Award for Teaching Excellence. Most recently, in 2013 he received the Distinguished Faculty Award, awarded by the Undergraduate Student Government, for “Distinguished Academic Leadership and Outstanding Service to the Students of UMass Boston” and the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Ashish Manandhar – President 

Ashish Manandhar is a senior at UMass Boston concentrating in finance, and currently serves as the president for the Undergraduate Student Managed Funds program. Having a deep passion for investing in the stock market, and idolizing Warren Buffett as his main source of inspiration, he aims to maximize the growth of the fund by focusing on developing strong teams of financial analysts specialized under various sectors, and by researching and investing in highly undervalued stocks of fundamentally sound businesses. Ashish is currently an intern at State Street, and is also enrolled in an advanced financial modeling certification course offered by Breaking into Wall Street. With a strong academic background in Finance, and an extensive internship experience in well established companies including two Fortune 200 companies, Ashish is set to become a leading candidate for a career in Investment Banking/Asset Management, and a role model for future candidates trying to do the same. He believes that his strongest assets he currently possesses other than his technical abilities, are his immense drive to succeed in finance, and his undeterred belief in himself.

Joshua Walter – Executive Vice President 

Joshua Walter is a senior in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science and Mathematics studying economics and mathematics. He came to Boston from suburban New Jersey to study jazz piano at Berklee College of Music. As he studied, played, and composed music, he spent the overwhelming majority of his time at Berklee trading equity derivatives and futures contracts on behalf of other people and for himself; and found that creative finance, so to speak, was the path he should pursue. After dropping out of Berklee, Joshua interned at PEAK6, LLC, a Chicago-based, options-focused hedge fund, where he built a directional momentum indicator later employed strategically by the firm. He developed and successfully implemented his strategy, independently, and ended up managing several large portfolios on behalf of independent investors. As the executive vice president of the Undergraduate Student Managed Fund, Joshua will use the experience, knowledge, and passion he has spent several years cultivating to further the mission of the fund, and to generate returns which, in the future, will help struggling students find their place at the University of Massachusetts Boston, just like he did.

Abner de Sousa – Vice President

Abner de Sousa, a native of Cape Verdean islands, has been residing in the United States, Massachusetts since October, 2005. Starting his working experience in 2006, Abner has taken many roles with primary focus on training of employees, client’s relation and team support. He earned his associates’ degree in Liberal Arts of Science from Massasoit Community College in 2008. A year later, Abner dropped out of his biology program at University of Massachusetts Boston to later become a certified technician with DIRECTV and Wildblue, internet services, in 2009. Awarded the All Star Technician title a year later, Abner was rewarded with Customer Experience Training with Disney World in Minneapolis in 2010, to later work with Columbia pictures in two movie productions, working closely with Adam Sandler and other actors. In 2012, Abner worked for Nordstrom to later get promoted to personal stylist. Shortly Abner was rewarded the All Star personal stylist months later for opening over 500 new clients’ accounts in 2014, resulting in an increase in sales. Music has been Abner’s passion; he’s part of a music band where he serves as a leader working with about eight people.  With his increasing interest in investment and business, in 2013 Abner went back to UMass Boston to study Management, concentrating in finance, with prospect to graduate in May 2016. Abner is serving at University of Massachusetts Boston as a vice president of Student Management Fund. Upon graduation, Abner seeks apply his persuasive, analytical skills and understanding of the market to start as an analyst at a financial institution. 

Micki Hall – Economist

Micki Hall is a senior at UMass Boston with a concentration in finance and a minor in economics. Micki is in her second semester of involvement with the Undergraduate Student Managed Fund, previously serving as Secretary and currently as Economist. Micki is currently completing her fifth internship in finance; four consisting of Mutual Funds and one in Wealth Management. She will begin a one-year rotational program with Bank of America Global Wealth & Investment Management in July 2016 upon graduation.

Sandro Henrique – Accountant

Sandro Henrique is an experienced financial professional who has been in the field of Insurance, Investments and Corporate Finance for the past 9 years. He worked with both commercial and personal insurance for a distinguished Boston agency. He also worked for Prudential Finance and administrated over two million Dollars in assets. He is currently employed by Avnet, Inc. as a Credit and Receivable Analyst. Since joining the company three years ago, he has reduced the outstanding receivables by an average of 8% for the Latin American branch. He graduated in Economics and Finance with a BA degree from Framingham State University, graduating in the top five of his class. Sandro is currently enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Boston campus, where he is a candidate of a bachelor degree of Business Administration. He also plans to start the MBA program at the same university.

Marsid Jakic – Accountant 

Marsid Jakic is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston, pursuing a bachelor of science degree, finance concentration in the School of Management. Upon graduation, Marsid is looking forward to pursuing a career in financial services where he can apply his strong analytical, quantitative and computer science skills. Furthermore, Marsid possesses strong motivation and entrepreneurial drive. Currently he works for a Real Estate company where he oversees their restaurant investments in the early phase of launching and he owns a snow plowing business where he invested his savings in equipment and hires local students to serve his customer list spanning across the Boston suburbia. Marsid takes pride in being a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success. In addition to the honorable distinction, the society has allowed Marsid to build a robust network and strong leadership skills.

Amanda Howell – Secretary

Amanda Howell is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston with a concentration in finance, and currently serves as the secretary of the Undergraduate Student Managed Fund. Amanda’s talents include her ability to thrive in a high pressure environment, and her strong analytical skills. Amanda is detail oriented, and has the ability to handle multiple simultaneous projects and excel in a fast paced environment. Amanda seeks to apply her knowledge and analytical skills as an analyst after graduation. She believes that her unwavering determination and strong skill set will lead her to success in the field of finance.

Tanay Mehta – Secretary

Tanay Mehta is an international student and is a student in the College of Management. He is majoring in finance and is yet to explore his full potential in this field. His involvement on campus has been vast. He has created new infrastructure for immersion courses for international students and facilitated a seamless transition for 300 students, serving as an advisor for both academic courses and social experiences while supervising students during classes and provided guidance to individuals and groups in coursework, ensuring content is understood and delivered effectively and evaluated and assisted non-native speakers with their writing (specifically essays and research papers) and speaking (presentations) in English. Tanay completed the Navitas Pathway Program as an orientation leader over six semesters; coordinating with student services team of the program and guided more than 500 international students as freshmen in UMass Boston to help them assimilate into their new environment.  He has also had experience with managing a restaurant in India, Goa; directed and monitored a team of 1 Executive Chef, 4 sous-chefs and 6 waiters. As a member of the Nepali Student Association: organized and lead a charity event to raise $10,000 to provide monetary aid for victims of the earthquake in Nepal.