Meet the Team

The Executive Committee of UMass Boston's Undergraduate Student Managed Fund

Fall 2016 UMass Boston Student Managed Fund

Arindam Bandopadhyaya – Faculty Advisor

Arindam Bandopadhyaya is a professor of finance in the Accounting and Finance Department at UMass Boston.  He is also the director of the College of Management’s Financial Services Forum (FSF). A two-time recipient of the Dean’s Award for Distinguished Research, Professor Bandopadhyaya has published in journals like the Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, and Review of Economics and Statistics. He has contributed chapters to many practitioner oriented books. He has presented his work at national and international conferences like the Financial Management Association, European Finance Association and European Economic Association.

Professor Bandopadhyaya has disseminated research reports of the FSF at the Boston Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. He also uses the FSF as a platform for financial literacy seminars and a seminar series which includes top industry specialists in various industries of the financial services sector.

Professor Bandopadhyaya teaches courses in the areas of corporate finance, international finance, and managerial economics. Currently, he teaches a course in which students manage a portfolio of funds for a client and a course in which students have an opportunity to travel to India. He organizes field trips for his students to the State Street Trading Room, the Fidelity Stock Chart Room and the New York Stock Exchange. He has received coveted teaching awards in the College of Management, including “Professor of the Year Award” and the Betty Diener Award for Teaching Excellence. Most recently, in 2013 he received the Distinguished Faculty Award, awarded by the Undergraduate Student Government, for “Distinguished Academic Leadership and Outstanding Service to the Students of UMass Boston” and the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Amanda Howell – President 

Amanda Howell is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston with a concentration in finance, and currently serves as the President of the Undergraduate Student Managed Fund. Amanda’s talents include her ability to thrive in a high pressure environment, and her strong analytical skills. Amanda is detail oriented, and has the ability to handle multiple simultaneous projects and excel in a fast paced environment. Amanda seeks to apply her knowledge and analytical skills as an analyst after graduation. Amanda plans to take the Chartered Financial Analyst Level-1 exam in June 2017. She believes that her unwavering determination and strong skill set will lead her to success in the field of finance. 

Michael Raymond – Executive Vice President 

Michael Raymond is a student in the College of Management with a concentration in Finance. He currently serves as Executive Vice President in the Student Managed Fund (SMG). In addition to his position in the SMG he is also the President and founder of the Investment Club on campus. In the Investment club he gathers and teaches fundamental analysis to eager students of the trade.  Michael has been studying and trading security analysis for five years, implementing his teachings into his brokerage accounts. His future goal is to start a Hedge Fund trading using Macroeconomic Indicators as his platform and trading derivatives to attain alpha. 

Kerri Spry – Vice President

Kerri Spry is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston with a concentration in finance, and is currently serving as one of the Vice Presidents of the Undergraduate Student Managed Fund.  She has always been fascinated by the stock market and keeps up with daily market trends by using her CNBC app, listening to Bloomberg Radio, and frequently reading articles from websites such as Bloomberg and Investopedia. Kerri has utilized her analytical personality, problem-solving skills, and excellent communication skills in many professional roles.  Most recently, she completed a summer internship in the accounts payable department at HP Hoods’ headquarters in Lynnfield.  Prior to HP Hood, she interned at Northwestern Mutual, where she provided marketing and administrative support for five financial advisors helping them run their practices more efficiently.  Kerri’s driven mindset, knowledge, and high energy will lead to a successful career in finance.  She will be graduating in May 2017 and aspires to purse a career path in Equity Research.

John Horrigan– Vice President

John Horrigan is a senior at UMass Boston with a concentration in Finance and currently is Vice President of the undergraduate Student Managed Fund. John has always had a passion for finance and economics ever since graduating from high school in 2000. After graduation, John spent many years working various sales and administrative positions before venturing out on his own. John ran a successful commercial business, handling the operations, accounting and marketing, for years until eventually selling the business. This allowed him to redirecting himself toward his dream of graduating from college with his bachelor’s degree in Finance. Over the last year, John has worked for State Street as a securities valuation intern, where he handles various clients and their pricing needs. The experience he has gained from State Street has widely expanded his understanding of finance and in particular stock markets, both domestic and international. While at State Street, has become experienced in using the Bloomberg terminals, Reuters and JP Morgan to research pricing based on clients PSA. Outside of school and work, John spends his remaining free time with his wife, two children. He and his family live just a short distance from school in North Quincy. When he graduates from UMass in the spring of 2017, he wants to become a financial analyst and work with one of the big 8 investment firms.

Zachary Golub– Vice President

Zachary Golub is a senior concentrating in finance at the College of Management, and is also a member of the Honors College program. A highly-driven student with a passion for the financial markets, and a fascination with asset allocation strategies; Zachary was recently recognized as one of Forbes' Under 30 Scholars, a designation awarded to students who represent "the movers and shakers, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow." 

A natural leader, Zachary is a three-time recipient of the Honors College Classroom Leadership Award, and he is currently preparing to take the Chartered Financial Analyst Level-1 exam upon graduation.

Alex Nameishi– Economist

Alex Nameishi is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Finance and Marketing, and he currently serves as the economist for the Undergraduate Student Managed Fund. Alex picked up Finance as his second concentration during his Sophomore year when he realized he had a deep passion for numbers and the stock market after reading Benjamin Graham’s book The Intelligent Investor. Over the summer of 2016, Alex served as an intern at Skanska USA Building, Inc. where he worked in the finance department and focused on the company’s financial statements and risk management on future investments. Furthermore, he has completed internships at Big Night Entertainment Group and Oshen SMS where he was able to strengthen his data analysis and communication skills in their marketing and sales department. Alex excels in skills such as analytics, communication, and investing, and he hopes to apply his talents at a financial firm after graduation. 

Susan Choi– Accountant

Susan Choi is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Boston pursing a Bachelor of Science degree with a Finance concentration and a minor in Economics. She currently serves as the Accountant for the Undergraduate Student Managed Funds Program. Upon graduation, Susan is looking forward to pursuing a career in financial services where she can apply her strong analytical and quantitative skills. Susan is very involved both on and off campus. She currently works in the Bursar’s Office at the University of Massachusetts Boston as a student employer who temporary got promoted as an Accountant. Handling and distributing checks up to $10,000 and providing excellent customer service to over 12,000 students, she has become more detail and people orientated. In addition, she is a College of Management Ambassador who serves an influential role model and mentor to students. Furthermore, she recently got accepted into an internship/mentorship program with Loomis Sayles & Company, an investment management firm, in the Financial District. She has high hopes that this program will further enhance her skills to build a robust network in the greater Boston area.