Waterford is the fifth largest city in Ireland with a population of 50,000. This makes it large enough to provide a good range of facilities and small enough to be friendly and safe. It is a beautiful region with mountains, rivers, historic towns and buildings, archeological remains and a long coastline with many small bays and harbors. It has the warmest and driest climate on the island of Ireland and is often referred to as “The Sunny South-East”. It is a center for industry, its most famous product being Waterford Crystal. The cost of living in Waterford is lower than the costs in larger cities.

Program Description:

Waterford Institute of Technology is one of the largest institutes of technology in Ireland. It was established as a Regional Technical College in 1970, and was the first to be awarded Institute of Technology status in 1998. As the major provider of higher education in the South-East region of Ireland, WIT has over 6,000 full-time and over 3,000 part-time students at all levels from undergraduate to doctoral students. The range of academic programs is exceptionally extensive covering the Humanities, Health and Nursing, Science and Informatics, Engineering and Architecture, and Business and Education.


WIT is divided into six separate schools, each with responsibility for a wide range of programs and research activities. In the WIT School of Business, which boasts nearly 2,000 degree-seekers, students can major in Accounting, General and Corporate Administration, International Business, Financial Services, Marketing, Business Information Management, or Retail Management. The curriculum combines a strong theoretical foundation with a comprehensive practical focus, enabling students to enter careers in all aspects of business management. Classes are generally small and the faculty offers a great deal of individual attention.

Credits and Grades:

Students must study full-time at the home and host institutions. With the completion of the "Request for Prior Approval of Transfer Credit of Study Abroad Programs" form, and a passing grade between A and C, your credits will transfer towards your degree at UMass Boston. Grades do not transfer and will not affect your UMass Boston grade point average.


Full time students in good academic standing who have sophomore or higher standing and have completed the previous semester at UMass Boston are eligible.

Program Dates & Application Deadline:

WIT’s academic schedule is similar to that of UMass Boston. Students can spend the fall, spring, or academic year in Ireland. Fall and/or academic year applications should be received no later than March 30 and spring applications received no later than September 30th.

Program Costs:

Students pay their normal UMass Boston tuition and curriculum support fee to the Bursar's Office, but pay mandatory student fees to the host institution (WIT). The host institution will assist the student in locating housing and the cost is the student’s responsibility.