Admissions & Getting Started

Students enter the College of Management in one of three ways:

  • As new students to the university, straight from high school. These students are considered new freshmen, with 0-30 transfer credits.
  • As new students to the university, from another college or university. These students are considered new transfer students, with more than 30 transfer credits.
  • As inter-college transfers (from another college within UMass Boston).

If you are applying to the College of Management as a new freshman or new transfer student, you will apply through the UMass Boston admissions process. Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to get instructions on applying for admission to UMass Boston.

If you would like to transfer from another college at UMass Boston into the College of Management, please read about applying as an intercollege transfer. Then fill out the application for intercollege transfer.

Visit the Bursar's Office's website for information about tuition and fees.

Five UMass Boston students descending the Campus Center stairs

Beacon Beginnings

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