Intercollege Transfer

Students who do not gain entry to the College of Management when they initially enroll at UMass Boston can complete a process called the Intercollege Transfer (ICT). This allows a student to transfer from one college to another.

Application Process

To apply, students should complete the ICT application, and submit it with a copy of their official or unofficial UMass Boston transcript to the College of Management Undergraduate Program Office (M-5-610). The ICT application is available at the One Stop Center (CC-UL) or online. When completing the application for a transfer into the College of Management, please note that we do not require the essay, but we do require that you indicate which major you would like to join. In the College of Management, we have only two majors: information technology and management.  Students often associate tracks (for the IT major) or  concentrations (for the management major such as accounting, finance, international management, management, marketing, management information systems or supply chain and service management) with the label of a major. Please indicate only a major on the ICT application. You will be able to declare a concentration or track within a few weeks of your acceptance.

We accept the applications during the following times only:

January 1 - March 1

June 1 - October 1

Students will be notified about the admission decision by mail to the address provided on the ICT application. Notification is usually sent to students about four weeks after submission of the application. Whenever possible, we make admission effective for the upcoming semester. However, if a decision is made after the first day of classes of a semester, admission will not become effective until the following semester. We do not admit students effective for winter or summer terms, only fall and spring semesters.

Intercollege Transfer Admission Criteria

We do not factor in the GPA earned at another college or university or grades from high school when making decisions in the ICT process. Students who wish to enter the College of Management through the ICT process must meet the following admission standards:

Entrance to the management major is given to students who meet the following criteria:

*Certain courses do not count in the credit totals, including: All Academic Skills courses, ESL courses below ESL 101, P.E. activity courses and Freshman Studies Seminar (OCAS 100)

Entrance to the Information Technology major is given to students who meet the following criteria:

*Certain courses do not count in the credit totals, including: All Academic Skills courses, ESL courses below ESL 101, P.E. activity courses and Freshman Studies Seminar (OCAS 100)

Please note that exceptions to the admission requirements are not made. Students interested in transferring into the College of Management are encouraged to seek regular advising from the University Advising Center, as we typically advise only our own students who have 60 or more credits here in the College of Management.

Exploring Management Major Courses Before ICT Admission

Non-management majors students may take up to 18 credits (6 courses) in the Management major as a means to try out a few of our courses to be sure you will enjoy studying this field. All pre-requisites have been met for a non-management major to be enrolled into a management major course. Registration for these CM courses must be requested on a Registration Request Form. If approved, you will be added to the course by CM staff.

Second-Degree Candidates

Students who have already earned a UMass Boston undergraduate degree from a college other than the College of Management may apply for a second degree from CM. The Second Degree Application is available in the One Stop Center (CC-UL). All of the admission deadlines, processes, criteria, and course registration options stated above also apply to second degree candidates.

Changing Your Major Within the College of Management

Students already in the College of Management who wish to change their major from management to information technology or from information technology to management must complete a major change form from the College of Management; we do NOT use the same form that the One Stop Center uses for CLA and CSM major changes. We use the same application deadlines as noted above for ICT applications.

Students must meet the admission criteria as noted above for entrance into the management major; there are no exceptions to this. Students who wish to change from management to information technology and have a GPA between 2.0 and 2.49 should contact the undergraduate program director. No major change will be possible if a student's GPA is below a 2.0 (2.0 is the minimum standard for good standing at the university). CM students in the information technology major wishing to take courses in the management major prior to changing their major are held to the same options and limits as non-management majors outside of CM, as noted above.