Center for Clinical Education and Research (CCER)

Welcome to the Center for Clinical Education and Research!

Nursing and exercise health science are complex programs of study that include rigorous courses, coupled with clinically challenging practicums and internships, and lead to careers, which assume the responsibility for the health and wellness of human beings. The staff, facilities, and services of the Center for Clinical Education and Research (CCER) are all dedicated to promoting student engagement in a range of educational activities that will maximize the successful completion of their program of study and transition into practice.

The center is home to the:

  • Nursing Lab
  • Exercise and Health Science Lab
  • Simulation Suite
  • Exam and competency rooms
  • Computer Lab
  • Academic and Clinical Support Programs

The CCER offers a unique opportunity for all Nursing and Exercise Health Science students to gain access to textbooks, resource guides, and study guides that are available for borrowing. These materials offer a full range of resources that will assist you in your clinical and academic studies.

The following services are also offered: