Lending Library

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The CCER offers a unique opportunity for all Nursing and Exercise Health Sciences students to gain access to textbooks, resource guides, and study guides that are available for borrowing. The Lending Library offers a full range of resources to assist you in your clinical and academic studies. 

Please note: Each book in our Lending Library is available for a maximum of two weeks from the time of check out. There are late fee charges which vary with the time of tardiness. 
- DVDs are available for viewing solely in the CCER Computer Lab, please see receptionist for details. 
- Videos are available for viewing, please contact Soma Dutt at (617) 287-7506 for details. 

How do I lend? Go to the CCER Lab and see the front desk receptionist and she will assist you in checking out the needed material. 
Our library is full of books, DVDs, and videos please click on the link below in order to view a sample of the books available for lending.

Book Library (pdf)
Video Library (pdf)