Plan for Success

Student in class, the Center for Clinical Education and Research, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, UMass Boston.

Our Plan for Success Program (PFS) serves students through enhanced academic and social support. Participating students connect with appropriate resources and in partnership with PFS staff design individualized strategies that address pertinent issues, promote effective academic habits, capitalize on strengths, and maximize potential. Students who commit to the program and follow their individualized plan experience a high rate of success.

Students consistently report the following changes:

  • Improved planning and time management
  • Decreased procrastination
  • Improved and varied study techniques
  • Improved test taking skills
  • Increased knowledge of resources
  • Consistent use of tutoring
  • Joining a study group
  • Meeting with professors and advisors
  • Positive attitude

The following sample of student comments illustrates the effect of the program:

  • “Having someone who believed in me really thought that I could pass my courses and stay in school really helped me to believe in myself.”
  • “I finally learned how to study. I had been putting in a lot of time but not getting much out of it. Now I really understand what I am studying.”
  • “I really needed the ongoing structure and support in the program. It helped me to set goals and stay focused.”
  • “Knowing that I had to report my grades and progress to my group leader made me think more about how I was doing and get the help I needed before it was too late.”
  • “The program made me realize that I was responsible for my learning but that there were resources that could help me.”
  • “I learned how important planning and preparing are and I stuck to my plan probably for the first time.”

Instructions to Prepare for PFS  Orientation
Plan For Success Assessment  Form
Academic Habits Assessment Form
Difficult Text
SQ4R Reading Strategy
Time Management Calendar