Healthy foods and exercise

Exercise and Health Sciences, MS

Our master of science program offers advanced study in exercise and health sciences. Depending on the option of study chosen, students will fulfill program requirements by:

  1. Completing a research thesis
  2. Designing and completing a supervised practicum project; or
  3. Passing a comprehensive examination after the completion of their coursework.

Located in Boston, our program is one of a handful located in an urban setting. This provides students with the unique opportunity to study issues regarding physical activity and urban health in a multicultural setting. Our program’s research focus will enhance the career growth potential of our students, whether they choose to apply their research skills in advanced academic study, or in workplace settings where sophistication in conducting and managing research and other projects is required.

A wide range of course electives and faculty research areas complement the tight focus of core coursework, which covers research methods, health fitness assessment and advanced physical activity, and nutrition and health. Students are encouraged early in the program to choose a faculty mentor with whom they wish to study.

Our MS program in Exercise and Health Sciences provides the synergy and momentum needed to continue addressing chronic health conditions and diseases caused by lack of physical activity and poor nutrition, while at the same time contributing to training the next generation of researchers.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the capability to analyze the basic and applied research of others.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the population-based interrelationships of physical activity, nutrition, and health; complement this knowledge with the necessary skills to measure health and fitness using appropriate standardized metrics.
  3. Thesis-Option Students: Demonstrate research knowledge and skills, and research project leadership skills.
  4. Project-Option Students: Display effective program/project development, management, communication, and leadership skills.
  5. Exam-Option Students: Obtain advanced academic credentials in order to enhance their professional careers.

Source: Program Proposal, 2012