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Research & Publications


The Department of Exercise and Health Sciences is conducting research across from the cellular to population-based, policy studies across the developmental spectrum. Using an interdisciplinary approach, our researchers are investigating aspects of physical activity, energy balance and metabolic syndrome, in lab, clinical, community and translational studies. The state-of-the-art GoKids facility on the UMass Boston campus is one facility where our clinical research in children is being conducted. Several researchers are also working with diverse, health disparity populations. Students are encouraged to work with individual faculty on their projects.

From Cellular to Population-based Studies Topics Researchers
Adipose tissue metabolism. Metabolic and physical dysfunctions associated with obesity and aging. Metabolic and hormonal adaptations to diet and exercise. Tongjian You
Physical activity measurement and improving the techniques that are used to estimate energy expenditure in free-living populations Physical activity epidemiology Scott Crouter
Motor coordination difficulties in children Mario Munoz
Regulation of body composition in response to exercise throughout the lifespan Laurie Milliken
Interventions to promote healthy eating and/or exercise in children,  teens, and adults Jessica WhiteleyJean Wiecha, Julie Wright 
eHealth technologies to promote health   Jessica Whiteley, Julie Wright
Exergaming for health promotion in children Scott Crouter, Jessica Whiteley
Developing policies for afterschool healthy eating Jean Wiecha
Epidemiological interactions between obesity, cardiovascular disease and metabolic risk factors in adolescents, and how physical activity and diet can modify risk across the lifespan Sarah Camhi

Projects are currently funded by such sources as internal UMass Boston grants, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health.  Researchers are partnered with colleagues at such institutions as UMass Medical School, Boston Medical Center, Boston University School of Medicine, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health, the Brown Warren Albert Medical School, YMCAs of America, Children’s Hospital Boston, Duke University, Pennington Medical Research Center, University of Maryland, and the University of Oklahoma.