Health Sciences Concentration

The health sciences concentration prepares students for advanced graduate study and/or future careers in physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, public health, nutrition, health promotion, and various other health professions. Students in the health sciences concentration also go on to attend medical school or direct-entry nurse practitioner programs.  This concentration will provide a sound scientific basis of health and wellness while also offering flexibility for selecting particular courses geared towards individual career objectives in the health professions. Courses specific to this concentration include: 

  • EHS 460 Research Methods I
  • EHS 470 Research Methods II
  • CHEM 115/117 Chemical Principles I w/ Lab*
  • CHEM 116/118 Chemical Principles II w/ Lab*
  • PSYCH 100 or 101 Intro to Psychology
  • EHS elective
  • EHS elective

*With advisor consent, students may substitute other UMass Boston lab science courses in place of one or both Chemical Principles courses, including CHEM 130 Physiological Chemistry, BIOL 209 Medical Microbiology, Physics 107 College Physics I, Physics 108 College Physics II, among others. This flexibility allows you to tailor your BS by choosing courses that are required for your graduate study plans.