Q: Do I have to take the GREs as part of the admission process?
A: Yes

Q: Can they ever be waived?
A: Yes, if you have a graduate degree in another discipline. 

Q: Is there a certain cut off or score that is required for admission consideration?
A:  No, there is no cut off or required score. We look at GRE scores as part of the entire application and weigh them along with the personal statement, undergraduate transcripts, and references.

Q:  I don’t know if I am ready to commit to graduate school at this time. Can I take a course before applying for admission?
A: Yes, you can take two courses as a non-matriculated student in graduate nursing courses (based on space and availability). Credit from those two course may be applied to your degree should you apply and be accepted. If you take up to two nursing courses from another institution, you may transfer the credits you earned if they match our curriculum, and if a grade of B or better was obtained.

Q: Are there scholarships and grants available to help with tuition and fees?
A: Yes, students are eligible to apply for Traineeship monies and other scholarship opportunities once admitted. Graduate Assistantships are also available: these positions are primarily working with faculty who teach undergraduate nursing students.

Q: Can I work while going to school?
A: Our students generally stay employed in their jobs while attending school. Students are advised every semester regarding the next semester’s workload and advisors counsel students about cutting back hours once they start their clinical rotations.

Q: I have heard that some schools make their students find their own clinical placements.  Will I have to do that?
A: Faculty and students work together in finding clinical placements. UMass Boston has strong affiliations with many institutions and agencies and the placement process is a collaborative one.

Q: How many clinical hours do I have to complete?
A: Nurse practitioner students complete a minimum of 600 clinical hours and Nurse Specialist students complete 500 hours.

Q: Can I precept with a physician if I am an NP student?
A: Students are allowed to precept with Nurse Practitioners, Physicians or Physician Assistants but the majority of time must be spent with an NP.

Q: Is the Masters Program accredited?
A: Yes, by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

Q: How many credits do I need to earn my MS?
A: You must have completed 48 credits.

Q: Can I take classes for credit online? How about part-time?
A: Yes, students may choose between online and/or classroom courses, as well as full-time or part-time enrollment. Students may attend full-time over four semesters, and graduate in two years; students may also attend part-time over six to seven semesters, and graduate in three to four years.