Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional fees for this program? (Fees subject to change - check Bursar's Webpage)

  1. $64 (domestic); $107 (international) application fee
  2. $390 fee for accepted students
  3. Clinical lab fees are assessed at $55 per clinical course
  4. College of Nursing and Health Sciences curriculum and service fee = $700
  5. $700 per semester (fall and spring);
  6. $250 per semester (winter, summer 1, and summer 2)

What are the prerequisites?

In addition to a master’s degree in nursing, admission is contingent upon demonstrating evidence of completing Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced Pharmacology, Advanced Health Assessment, and Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse at the graduate level with a grade of B or better on an official transcript. Students who are practicing and currently certified may have taken these courses many years ago but can meet the criteria. These courses are required in order for you to sit for the certification exams in family, adult or gerontology offered by AANC or AANP and are a foundation for practice. If you have not taken a prior course in the role of the advanced practice nurse, you may be advised to take this course as well. If you do not have these courses, please be advised that we offer advanced pathophysiology, advanced pharm, and advanced health assessment online each term (fall, winter, and summer). Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse is offered in the fall, spring, and summer terms online.

Will I need to obtain my own clinical practice site?

Yes, students enrolled in the post master’s certificate NP program are expected to obtain their own clinical preceptor: NP, MD, or PA. The program director will advise you as to the nature of the experience needed in order to fulfill the learning objectives for the practicum experience. You will be asked to review the information on the site and the preceptor with the program director to determine if the site you obtain is appropriate. You should plan very early for a clinical placement.

How many clinical supervised hours do I need to complete the certificate?

This too may depend on the requirements of your state. For example, Texas requires all students to have an additional 500 hours of supervised experience in a new specialty. It is best to check with your state board of registration and or read the regulations posted on the web their web site.

How do I know when the semester starts and when I should register?

Please visit this web link for information regarding the academic calendar: The program director will notify you by email when to pre register for courses and to complete information that is needed for your clinical experience.

Please Note: registrations postmarked after the late registration date will be assessed a $25 late fee. Also note that there is a limit on course enrollments so please be advised that the longer you wait to register the greater your risk for getting closed out and put on the waiting list. In certain cases second sections may be opened due to demand.

How will I access the course after I am registered?

Courses access becomes available a few days prior to the date the course begins. You will receive a letter or email advising you how to access the web page and how to access your UMass Boston email address for further information.

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is the learning platform for UMass Online. In addition, many courses offer lectures in Macromedia Breeze for you to hear on your home computer and also live interactive sessions scheduled with faculty using your home computer. The program can function on both a Windows or a Mac computer.

How will I access my grades?

Grades will be posted online in the WISER system that you will have access to after you are enrolled in the course. Grades often posted as the course proceeds in the grade book in Blackboard.

Will I have access to the library at UMass?

After you are registered and have access to Web Ct you can apply for a library card number by the library circulation department using your UMass Boston email address at

Indicate that you are in an online course; provide the course number and indicate that you need a barcode.
Provide the library with your UMass Boston student number and your mailing address.
The Circulation Department will then email you a barcode number which will allow you access to use the online resources available from the Healey Library homepage. This barcode will be good for the semester of the course only. You will be required to put in your barcode when accessing the electronic databases.

How can I learn more about the application process?

All applications to the program are submitted directly to the UMass Boston Office of Graduate Admissions and are reviewed by members of the MS in Nursing Program Committee. Letters of admission are issued by the Office of Graduate Admissions. Following receipt of a letter of acceptance, students should immediately contact the program director by email to arrange advisement and a clinical plan of study.

You may find the application and requirements at Graduate Admissions.

All applications require an essay of intent and three sealed references from professionals who can attest to your ability, sealed transcripts of degrees earned from all colleges attended, a copy of your license, and a copy of your certification and your resume.

How do I know what courses are offered each term?

A link is provided to the course offerings by term but this is subject to change. The program director will provide you with a program plan. You are asked to adhere to this plan of study when progressing through the program. Should your plans change, please email the program director and request a revision to your program of study.

How do I know if my state board of nursing will accept the UMass Boston post master’s certificate program so that I can obtain a license to practice in my state?

All applicants are advised to check with their board of registration in nursing to learn if a certificate from UMass Boston as an NP or CNS will be accepted. Some states allow you to take courses but may not allow you to do clinical experiences in your state if the program is not approved. At this time, the states that do not allow students to do clinical internships in their states include New York and Louisiana.

What happens if I don’t take courses for a term or two?

Students who are matriculated and drop out of enrollment for the fall or spring semesters will need to register for continuation in order to hold their place in the program of study. If you fail to register for continuation, you will be discontinued and will need to apply for readmission to the program and pay an admission fee. If you are registering for any other course, failing to register for continuation by the registration deadline will lead to a $100 late fee attached to your bill. For more information, visit this website concerning fees:

What does a service indicator mean on my WISER account?

A service indicator means that you have failed to comply with the emergency contact information requirement posted in wiser or that you may owe money at the Bursar’s Office. All of these items must be cleared prior to receiving the certificate award on your transcript.

What if I am accepted and then determine that I cannot attend?

You can write a request an admission deferment from the registrar provided that you have sent in the acceptance letter and the deposit.

What if my admission materials did not arrive in time for review for the term for which I am applying but I am still interested in pursuing admission?

You should send a letter to admissions and request that your admission packet be considered for the following term. This will be done without an additional application fee.

Once I have finished the post master’s program can I continue in the DNP program?

Entrance into the DNP program after completing the post master’s program is based on the criteria posted on the web page for DNP admission. Students who are experienced NPs or CNS graduates may apply for DNP admission without additional experience. Admission fees and the formal application are waived for students who qualify for DNP admission within two years of completing the post master’s program.

How do I know when it is time to graduate?

You will be notified by the program director to file a graduation audit form and submit a graduation fee. A letter will be sent to your UMass Boston email address.

Are You Eligible for Online Nursing Studies?

If you are not a Massachusetts resident and considering applying to an online nursing program, please check out the following link for details: