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Additional Databases

Essay Writing

If you are looking for guidance with your scholarship essays please take a look at these links:

Recommendation Requests

When requesting a recommendation you should follow a particular protocol:

  • Make an appointment to go over the details involved with your recommendation request
  • If possible, request a generic reference that can be used for multiple scholarships and job opportunities
  • Give the faculty member/reference writer sufficient time to complete reference – 3 weeks is the norm and give them a deadline
  • Provide the writer with a postage paid envelope.
  • Give the person guidelines for writing the reference
    • Provide them with something from the scholarship, if applicable
    • Provide them with information about you – your strengths, activities, resume or research proposal
    • Let them know about community work/related jobs you have done/held outside of the classroom

Beware of Scholarship Scams

“If it seems too good to be true it probably is.” Scholarship search services cannot guarantee you a scholarship. Read more about avoiding Scams and dubious offers.

Got a Scholarship??

Please let us know if you receive a scholarship! We would love to learn about your successes and encourage other students to follow your lead.