Application Process

The Accelerated Nursing Option program begins once a year in the summer semester. The due date for all application materials for the Accelerated Nursing Option is December 1.

All in-state applicants must attend an Accelerated Information Session (out-of-state applicants are not required to attend an information session), and then submit the following application materials:

*The College of Nursing the Health Sciences’ application only requires one essay, on the subject "What is a Professional Nurse?" You do not need to complete the undergraduate admissions essay that is on the UMass Boston application. In addition, we do not use a form for the letters of recommendation.

Undergraduate Admissions Application: For those applicants who obtained their undergraduate degree elsewhere and have never attended UMass Boston as a matriculated/accepted student, please visit the UMass Boston Undergraduate Admissions website, where you may complete an application online, or download the application and print it. All non-online applications and materials may be submitted via mail to: 

University of Massachusetts Boston
Undergraduate Admissions Processing Center
PO Box 814
Randolph, MA 02368

Special Application: If you obtained a bachelor's degree from or completed coursework at UMass Boston as an accepted/matriculated student you will still need to submit all the application materials listed above along with a special application. The One Stop located on the upper level of the Campus Center can help you determine which application you’ll need to complete. (Special applications include Application for Second UMass Boston Undergraduate Degree, Readmission Application, or an Undergraduate Inter-College Transfer Application.)

Please note: On all applications (online, regular paper or special paper application) please choose or indicate that you are applying to the "Accelerated Nursing Program" with a summer start date as your intended major.

All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to application. For a list of all prerequisite courses, please visit Accelerated Prerequisite Courses.

If you would like additional information on the Accelerated Nursing Option, please contact Enrollment Information Services at 617.287.6000 or by email at