Q.  How are clinical placements arranged?

Clinical placements are arranged while considering several factors, including: transportation needs, city or town of residency, place of employment, and carpooling arrangements.

Q.  Will there be a clinical orientation for students?

There is a clinical orientation for each clinical course. Clinical orientation typically takes place during the first week of the semester. Please check the first week schedule on the CNHS website under “Email Blitzes”.

Q.  Can I carpool with a classmate?

CNHS encourages students to carpool if this is an option. Students who carpool must tell the clinical placement specialist about this arrangement when placement sheets are distributed to students during the previous semester.

Q.  How many students are in a typical clinical group?

Clinical groups usually have seven or eight students in each group.

Q.  Can I be in a clinical placement at the same hospital where I work?

Students are not usually placed where they work. Students should be experiencing as many different clinical agencies as possible.

Q.  I’ve had the chicken pox, do I still need a titer drawn?

A positive titer proves immunity, whereas if a student has history of chicken pox, they may not be fully immune to the disease.

Q.  I have health insurance through UMass Boston; do I still need to submit a copy of the card?


Q.  Why does CNHS need all of this information anyway?

In all working agreements signed by CNHS and partnering clinical agencies, clinical clearance requirements as well as a CORI check is required for all students placed at each facility.

Q.  Are all placements accessible to public transportation?

Most of our placements are accessible by public transportation, however, there are some agencies that are not. Students are not guaranteed a public accessible clinical placement if they do not have a car. Students are strongly urged to carpool whenever possible.

Q.  How do I get CPR certified at the healthcare provider level?

Caritas Carney Hospital frequently offers CPR certification at the health care provider level. Please call 617.296.4012, ext. 2093 for dates and times of upcoming classes.

Q.  Will I have an opportunity to switch my clinical placement with a classmate?

Students are given an opportunity to switch their clinical placements with another student. All switches are given final approval by the clinical placement specialist.

Q.  How flexible does my schedule need to be?

Your schedule needs to be flexible in regard to clinical placements. Child care and work schedules can be challenging when students start their clinical rotations. CNHS tries to accommodate child care issues as well as work schedules to the best of our ability, but please note that having alternative arrangements such as back up child care or flexible hours at work would be optimal. All clinical placements are tentative and are subject to change due to agency, faculty or student enrollment needs.

Q.  Are there any evening clinical placements available?

Clinical placements are typically during the day from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. There are not many evening clinical placements available.

Please send clinical placement questions to: the UGC clinical specialist.