CORI Policy

For Potential Applicants to CNHS

In order for a student to be eligible to participate in an academic, community, or clinical program or internship that involves potential unsupervised contact with children, the disabled, or the elderly, the student will be required to undergo a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check and/or a Sex Offender Registry Information (SORI) check. Students found to have certain criminal convictions or pending criminal actions will be presumed ineligible to participate in such activities. The college is authorized by the Commonwealth’s Criminal History Systems Board, pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 6, Sections 167-178B, to access CORI records. The college shall refer to regulations issued by the Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services, 101 Code of Massachusetts Regulations 15.00-15.16, as guidance when assessing student CORI records. Sex offender checks shall be performed pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 6, Sections 178C-178P. For information regarding the college’s CORI/SORI check process, please see the undergraduate student handbook or contact the director of Student and Academic Services, John Mascetta, at 617-287-7537.

Please note: a CNHS student with a positive CORI history may be excluded from placement at a particular agency at the agency’s discretion. CNHS is obligated to comply with our contracting agencies’ CORI policies.

For Pre-Licensure Undergraduate Nursing Students Only

Additionally, the Board of Registration in Nursing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has determined that certain conduct demonstrates the absence of the Good Moral Character essential for safe and competent nursing practice. Such conduct includes hostile or destructive conduct to another or to self and conduct that demonstrates a disregard for the welfare, safety, or rights of another or disregard for honesty, integrity or trustworthiness. Examples of such conduct include, but are not limited to, the conduct underlying certain criminal convictions and disciplinary actions taken by a licensure/certification body in another jurisdiction based on a criminal conviction. For information about this licensure requirement, see the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing Good Moral Character Policy and Information Sheet.