Degree Requirements

Credits and Timing

The Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing requires the completion of 123 credits. Coursework is based in the liberal arts and the social and biological sciences, culminating in an intensive study of the art and science of nursing practice theoretically and clinically. Full-time students can complete the traditional program in four academic years, a total of eight semesters.

All nursing students must complete the following courses to meet UMass Boston’s General Education requirement:

  • Four courses in the natural sciences – (Chemistry, Anatomy/Physiology- 2 semesters, and Microbiology)
  • Any combination of two courses in the arts and/or humanities
  • Any combination of two world languages and/or world cultures courses
  • One social and behavioral sciences course –  (Psychology or Sociology)

Students must also complete:

  • One year of English composition
  • NURSNG 212 (Health Promotion and Teaching), and
  • Nutrition, Statistics, and Human Growth/Development courses

Students matriculating with fewer than 30 credits will be required to complete a First-Year Seminar.

Your Time and Commitment

Required courses are to be taken sequentially. Once a student begins clinical courses, the student commits to a full time program of study. The nursing program is very time intensive due to clinical and class assignments. Students are strongly advised to limit employment to fewer than 20 hours per week. Working more than 20 hours per week may result in academic jeopardy.

Between in-class instruction and clinical instruction, you will graduate fully prepared for the real-life demands of a professional nursing career. If you aren’t sure about your future in nursing, you are kindly encouraged to read up on the profession before you apply to our program.