Attending Orientation is mandatory for all newly-admitted students.


The Orientation process prepares students to maximize their success in the RN-BS Program. Orientation is designed to:

  • Acclimate students to the technology and practices of  learning at CNHS
  • Provide background information on the program
  • Review curriculum and course objectives and expectations
  • Review policies and procedures for Program and College
  • Conduct a formal transfer credit evaluation
  • Register for their first nursing course
  • Obtain a student ID and Library bar-code
  • Meet integral program staff


The process is divided into three phases: Pre-Orientation, Orientation (in-person), and Post-Orientation. All steps in each phase must be completed before the student can move to the next, and all phases must be completed before a student can begin classes.

Pre-Orientation (conducted online)

  1. Pay New Student Deposit.
  2. Register for Orientation through Beacon Beginnings. June, July, and August

Please Note: Previous UMass Boston Students DO NOT pay a New Student Deposit.

 (For more information, please contact Beacon Beginnings at  617-287-5813)

Orientation (in-person)

  1. Review Transfer Credit Evaluation with Program Advisors
  2. Register for Class
  3. Attend Technology Overview Session - (Blackboard, Adobe Connect, and Wiser)
  4. Get Library Barcode
  5. Get Student ID
  6. Visit on Campus Resources

Post-Orientation (online)

  1. Obtain headset with microphone recommended
  2. Log into Blackboard
  3. Attend a scheduled Adobe Connect Orientation
  4. Start classes!
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