Not Sure If The RN-BS Program Is Right For You?

"Excellent program! Definitely beneficial to those who want a quality education from the comfort of home when life doesn't allow for a classroom experience."

"Pursuing UMass Boston's RN to BS program was one of the best decisions I've ever made. As a working mother and wife, I found this program to be highly supportive and intellectually stimulating. The faculty is supportive, motivating, and inspiring. I am a proud graduate of UMass Boston."

"The RN-BS Program was fabulous! It allowed me to stay in my position as a school nurse. Furthermore, the staff was always available, and even though I am a good writer I became an even better one, particularly in regards to research and utilizing the APA format, which I thought that I had down cold."

"I entered UMass' online RN to BS program in order to expand my base of knowledge and improve my nursing practice. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be where I am today. UMass' online RN to BS program very effectively bridges nursing theory with real life practice, and does so in a laid-back, non-threatening environment. This program helped me to grow both personally and professionally. The instructors are extremely empathetic and patient with their students, recognizing each as an individual and helping them to expand on their intrinsic strengths. The strong emphasis on research was key in helping me to excel in my CRNA program. I recommend UMass' online RN to BS program above all others!"

"The UMass Boston RN-BS Program was a convenient, well structured, great paced way for nurses already in practice to further their education while maintaining a full time career.  With a BSN I can now apply to a CRNA program to keep advancing my practice."

"The online RN-BS program allowed me to work full-time as a newly licensed nurse while I completed my BSN.  UMass Boston was generous with its transfer credits and I was able to complete the curriculum in only five semesters. Its faculty and staff were very supportive and understanding of my busy schedule, and I felt connected to my cohort of classmates as we traveled through the program together.  I felt that the coursework was appropriate to my level of knowledge and that, ultimately, it benefited me in my professional practice."

"Going back to school to get my BSN has been a goal of mine for years, my own fears of returning to the class room kept me from that goal. The online RN-BS program offered at UMass Boston made going back to school achievable for me.  Attending class online took so much of the stress out of returning to school. Balancing work, home life and school is much easier when you can attend class in slippers in your living room."

"The RN-BS online program at UMass Boston was great.  I wanted to complete my Bachelor’s degree so I could continue on to graduate school.  With the UMass online program I was able to complete my degree and was accepted by all three Nurse Anesthesia schools that I applied to.  The online courses are so convenient too.  While completing my degree I moved from Boston, MA to Miami, FL, and started a new job in critical care. With the flexibility of the online classes, I was able to get married and start a new life, all while completing my Bachelor’s degree at UMass. This program made the transition into my new career a smooth and wonderful experience."

"The competing demands of balancing the life of a full time nurse and single mother made going back to school for my BSN seem impossible.  When I met Kathleen Polley and the staff at UMass Boston's RN-BS program I was thrilled.  Their program afforded me the flexibility of being home with my children while attending school at the same time.  I thoroughly enjoyed the learning and the deeper understanding of nursing practice I gained from UMass Boston's dedicated faculty.  The RN-BS program at UMass Boston helped me make my dream of obtaining a BSN a reality!"

"I truly loved my experience at UMass Boston.  I felt supported in every class by the teachers.  I loved how our syllabi were planned out from day one. It was really helpful in trying to plan my schedule.  It helped with time management, which is great because I graduated from this program while working full time and didn't have to worry about anything.  All the teachers were very accessible either by home or email and always responded to questions in a timely manner."

"What I liked most about the program was the fact that everyone who was in the class had the same mindset and the same goal. We were all professionals who were there for the same purpose, to get a Bachelor's Degree and ultimately a better job/position. When I was taking courses at a different school, it was awful. There were a lot of people there who were just there to be there. I had a goal and I wanted to achieve that goal with the best possible grades that I could. The folks in the online UMass Boston RN-BSN program had those same goals which make the learning and teaching process better for everyone.

Besides what better way to go to class.....sitting at home on your own computer, in your most comfortable attire, sipping on a cup of tea. "

"I absolutely loved the online program.  It was convenient and a well organized program.  I never felt like I was going to get behind.  Everything was due weekly, they kept you on track and most of all gave you the encouragement that you needed to succeed."

"The Online RN-BSN Program at UMass Boston was exactly what I needed in order to complete my degree. I was able to work full time during the program and then attend class from the comfort of my own home. The classes are both interesting and challenging. The program gives you the benefit of independent study along with the ability to interact with other nurses in the program. I highly recommend this program to any nurse seeking a BSN."

"As a registered nurse working full-time, I found the RN to BSN program a very good way to complete my degree. It can be so difficult to try to arrange classes when combining this with employment and family obligations, this program allows the student to be able to 'attend' classes online. The program also allows students access to the recorded class if you are unable to attend. The instructors were very helpful and interested in teaching and the assignments were appropriate to the subject matter.  The text and journals were very useful and informative.  To be honest, I do not think I would have been able to attain my Bachelor's degree if not for the flexibility of this program."

"I had worked several years in the nursing field mostly in community health and adolescent medicine as a RN/PNP. I had worked as NP for more years than I would like to admit. There was always some reason (excuse) for me not pursuing my BSN. First it was family and my conflicting work schedules. Then, expenses for other programs seemed to escalate every year. The clinical component never quite fit with my work schedule. I delayed for several years until I stumbled upon UMass' RN-BSN program. It was a blessing in disguise. I thoroughly enjoyed all the classes some more than others but they have all been a challenge. My only regret is that I didn't know about the program sooner. I never thought you could teach an old dog new tricks but this puppy has learned a lot. I encourage every nurse old, young or in between to get their BSN if they don't already have one. It is never too late. My first, second and last choice would be UMass Boston's RN-BSN program every time.

P.S. The professors were a blessing in disguise. Without their support it would have been extremely difficult."

"I have encouraged many of the nurses at work to enroll in the on-line RN-to-BSN program.  I loved it!  I was able to fit the class schedule around my work schedule.  Since I didn't have to leave home to attend class, I didn't need to find a babysitter.  It is an ideal program for the multitasking professional!  I can't wait to have to enroll in the online BSN to PhD program."