Not Sure If The RN-BS Program Is Right For You?

Coming to the RN-BS Program at UMB means a great opportunity for growth and advancement that is accessible for working RN's.  I had to effectively manage my time, schedules, & finances. I found the Professors were easily accessible & helpful and I would recommend the UMass Boston RN-BS to a co-worker or friend.

>> Maria G. – Graduated 05/17

It was always a personal goal for me to finish my BSN.  Coming to the RN-BS Program at UMB means that I will have more opportunities to pursue different avenues in nursing.  My determination to complete this goal meant I had to commit to my studies in addition to having family and working more than 30 hours per week.  So I found it important to carve out at least 1-2 days or evenings a week dedicated to reading, reviewing assignments and completing them.

The RN-BSN program at UMass was a great experience for me. I found everyone helpful and the program itself very user friendly and convenient for a working RN. So glad I did it

>>Cheryl D. – Graduated 05/17

Coming to the UMass Boston RN-BS program gave me the opportunity to utilize nursing theory with the application of technical nursing skill in my practice as a working RN.  The Staff and Faculty were very supportive in helping me achieve my goal of obtaining my BSN, with having to balance working full-time, tutoring nursing students part-time and personal life goals. 

If asked my opinion, I would recommend the UMB RN-BS program to a co-worker or friend.

>>Eugene B. – Graduated 05/17

Coming to the RN-BS Program at UMB meant an opportunity for me to have more job choices and leadership roles.  I found the Advisors, Staff and Faculty very helpful as they always reassured me and answered all my questions.  UMass has been a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to any RN looking to obtain their Bachelor’s Degree.