Clinical Leadership Collaborative for Diversity in Nursing (CLCDN)

The CLCDN is a leadership and scholarship initiative dedicated to increasing the diversity of the Registered Nurse workforce in all Partners HealthCare System (PHS) hospitals. This initiative grew out of a mutual desire held by Greer Glazer, former Dean of CNHS and Jeanette Ives Erickson, Sr. VP of Nursing at Massachusetts General Hospital, to effect a change in PHS nursing so that it better reflects the diversity of the population of the commonwealth.

The CLCDN provides clinical leadership development opportunities to ethnically diverse, socio-economically disadvantaged nursing students at UMass Boston who have demonstrated academic excellence, the promise of success and leadership potential. Thus far the program has supported 59 undergraduate nursing students and in Spring 2011, the CLCDN expanded its original format to include an advanced workforce diversity component. Seven graduate students have been chosen to be the pilot for this new initiative. 

On this website you will find information about who is eligible and how to apply to the CLCDN. In addition, you will read about why this initiative is needed, CLCDN activities and some of the experiences of our graduates and mentors. You will also meet CLCDN liaisons who facilitate program implementation in each of the participating Partners hospitals. 

(While funding for the CLCDN is entirely dependent upon the budget of Partners HealthCare, it has been continuously funded since 2007.)

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