Dedicated Education Units (DEU)

DEU Admins, Staff, Faculty and Students

One of the many benefits available to College of Nursing and Health Sciences students is the opportunity to participate in our Dedicated Education Units program, a nationally recognized innovation in clinical education for undergraduate nursing students.

What is a DEU?

Dedicated Education Units help our student nurses gain real-world, hands-on experience with patients and staff nurses. Our students work with nurses who serve as clinical instructors while providing patient care. Currently four hospitals work with us in academic-service partnerships to provide UMass Boston students two semesters of DEU clinical experiences.

How is a DEU experience different from clinical rotations?

Clinical rotations require a faculty member to instruct a group of six to eight students for the clinical rotation, in the hospital setting. In a DEU, the role of clinical instructor is met by a staff nurse, who works directly with one to two student nurses for a full semester. Faculty members provide guidance to a group of staff nurses and oversee the student learning experience.

Which hospitals can I work in as a student?

The CNHS has DEU partnerships with Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham & Women's Hospital, and Children’s Hospital in Boston, and Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton.

What are the benefits of DEU?

There are many benefits: to students, to hospitals, to faculty, and even to patients! Students appreciate the real-world environment of working intimately on nursing units. They have nearly constant access to their staff nurse instructor to pose questions and receive helpful feedback on their nursing knowledge and skill development.

Staff nurses get extra help in caring for their patients, new perspectives in improving nursing care, and the satisfaction of educating the next generation of health care providers. Our faculty work closely with the nursing unit to improve patient care and nursing education.

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