Research and Publications

Research conducted by College of Nursing and Health Sciences faculty supports the urban mission and global perspective of UMass Boston. Our collaborative, transdisciplinary programs of research and scholarship are designed to promote the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities; prevent and manage chronic conditions across the life course of individuals from diverse populations; reduce health disparities nationally and globally; and guide and inform multilevel policies, including those central to optimizing health and health outcomes in national and international contexts.

  • Cardiovascular health promotion and risk reduction across the life course, nationally and globally (Eileen Stuart-Shor, Laura Hayman)
  • Prevention and management of obesity and cardiometabolic disease in vulnerable children, adolescents and families (Laura Hayman, Laurie Milliken, Ling Shi, Jessica Whiteley, Sarah Camhi, Richard Fleming, Emily Jones)
  • Prevention and management of cancer across the life course (Mary Cooley, Lisa Kennedy Sheldon, Amy Rex Smith)
  • Reducing health disparities nationally and globally (Jane Cloutterbuck, Haeok Lee, Eileen Stuart-Shor)
  • Health care delivery systems and work and school environment (Carol Hall Ellenbecker)
  • Health promotion and risk reduction for older adults (Suzanne Leveille, Tongjian You)
  • Long term care and home health care (Janice Foust, Carol Hall Ellenbecker)
  • Academic Service Partnerships (JoAnn Mulready-Shick, Marion Winfrey)
  • Physical activity measurement and promotion in children and adults with intellectual or motor coordination disabilities (Heidi Stanish, Richard Fleming and Mario Munoz)
  • Health promotion strategies to improve nutrition and physical activity behaviors (Julie Wright and Jessica Whiteley)
  • Promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyle behaviors in families and communities (Laurie Milliken, Ana Cristina Lindsay) 
  • Promotion of sexual health and resilience in sexual health issues and/or assault (Teri Aronowitz)
  • Identifying intervention that will increase women's self-efficiency in behaviors to help prevent Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease (Emily Jones)
  • Health disparities in minority and immigrant populations with a focus on HBV infection and liver cancer prevention (Haeok Lee)
  • Understanding family and community level influences on children's health and nutrition with special focus on social and cultural determinants of lifestyle behaviors in early childhood (Ana Cristina Lindsay)
  • Risk of obesity among low-income immigrant families (Ana Cristina Lindsay)
  • Primary care nurse practitioner education, health policy, and quality improvement (Maggie McAllister)
  • Tobacco dependence treatment for undeserved populations (Sun Kim)