Student and Academic Support Services at UMass Boston, students smiling while studying.

Student and Academic Support Services (SASS)

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences is committed to supporting our students’ success in college, future careers, and lives. We are proud that our students have chosen to enter the critically important fields of nursing, exercise science, and health sciences, and yet we are also well aware that these disciplines require significant effort to study and master.

First-year nursing and health sciences students often find the responsibilities and rigors of CNHS challenging, and could benefit from additional support. Therefore, in order to assist our students to “start on track and stay on track,” we have developed a close-knit team of resources: the CNHS Student and Academic Support Services (SASS). Our integrated system of student development services is available to both undergraduate- and graduate-level CNHS students, and will help them begin to create a solid foundation on which to build their career.

We invite both current and prospective students and parents to learn how our SASS resources can serve students’ college experiences, by exploring the pages of our SASS component services.

CNHS's Student and Academic Support Services (SASS) comprises  of the: