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Climate Change: Strategies for Mitigation and Adaptation

The theme of this course will be to address the two main imperatives in a climatically changed world: avoid conditions that will be unmanageable and manage the changes that will be unavoidable. The course will begin with a historical perspective of the variability in earth's climate, and explanation of factors affecting climate such as the Greenhouse Effect, and a critique of current evidence indicative of global warming. To avoid catastrophic changes in earth's future climate, mitigation strategies involving transportation, energy, agriculture, innovative technologies, legislation, cooperation between developing and developed nations, and individual responsibility will be explored. Specific strategies such as a smart electric grid, non-carbon sources of energy, new technologies, carbon se

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2017 Fall

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01C 7575 |
Session: CE Online
Class Dates: 09/11/2017
Capacity: 20
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Credits: 3/3
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