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Practicum II - PreK-2

This is the second of a two-course practicum sequence that requires students to complete a 14 week, full-time practicum field experience. The experience provides the opportunity to put theory and technique into practice in a kindergarten (one third of total time), and first or second grade classroom (two thirds of total time) under the guidance of a Massachusetts licensed teacher. Students develop teaching competencies, with assistance from both a licensed supervising practitioner and a program supervisor. They also attend a weekly seminar with the university supervisor to explore the connections between theory and practice and share practicum experiences. Students design and implement curriculum, assess individual child and group progress demonstrating a command of Universal Design of Learning (UDL) techniques, and observe role of family and community in childrens education, and develop identity as an early childhood/early intervention professional. This 3 credit course builds on knowledge gained and activities completed through ECHD 689-Pre-Practicum PreK-2.

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