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Computers, Technology, and Education

An introduction to using computers and technology in education. The various uses of computers and technology in education are examined in depth as participants are introduced to a wide variety of K-12 educational software and the Internet and explore the pedagogical issues raised by the use of computers for students, teachers, and school administrators. These include consequences for learning, problem solving, organizing data, creativity, and an integrated curriculum. Finally, the course looks at ways in which technology may help facilitate changes in the ways teachers teach and students learn and ultimately may stimulate reform in education. The course has a field component where students observe computer use in the classroom.

Pre Requisites: Pre-req = Graduate Education Students onlyStudents in the following (sub)plans must obtain Permission of Instructor: SPED MEd w/o Licensure, MEd w/Initial Licensure, MEd w/Prof Licensure, or Certificate w/Prof Licensure

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