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Teaching Writing in the K-12 Classroom

This course deals with the teaching of writing, the teacher as writer, and the interactions between reading and writing. Readings and presentations offer up-to-date information, theory, and practical techniques for teaching reading and writing in all subject areas. Students meet regularly in reader-writer response groups to work on their own writing and to respond to one another's writing about reading. There are a number of guest lecture-demonstrations by elementary and secondary teachers who are teacher/consultants with the Boston Writing Project. The course combines writing process theory with practical methods.

Pre Requisites: Pre-req = Permission of Instructor except in the following cases:MEd w/Initial - Elementary: EDC G 603, 606, 630, and 644, or in (sub)plans MEd w/Prof - Elem-Mid-Second, Post-Mast Cert w/Prof - Elem-Mid-Seond, or MEd w/Initia

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