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Planning and Design of Educational Multimedia Programs

This course provides an overview of the process of designing elearning. Since elearning is created and delivered in a technical environment, the course covers a combination of both technical and non-technical topics. We will define the characteristics of effective e-learning, and look at the implementation of sound instructional design principles in designing computer-based learning experiences. We will discuss various activity types, where and when to use them with emphasis on development strategy, visual design and navigation. Time will be spent specifically on virtual classrooms with an experiential format using the Horizon Wimba Synchronous learning environment. elearning development is a multidisciplinary undertaking. Throughout this course we will discuss the role of the instructional designer in the process and the other forms of expertise required to create a successful project. However this is a DESIGN class and therefore we will focus our learning on DESIGN and the use of media elements to solve instructional design challenges. The class does not require any special electronic learning tools other than basic use of Microsoft word and PowerPoint or any other similar word and presentation software tools.

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