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Fundraising Management & Methods

This course will focus on one of the largest, yet most neglected, sectors of the US economy, the nonprofit sector. Nearly 10% of wages and salaries in the US come from the nearly 1.5 million registered US non-profit organizations; public charities reported well over $1 trillion in total revenues last year. Greater Boston in particular is a center of non-profit activity, with its universities, hospitals, and research foundations accounting for nearly $100 billion in charitable revenues. Managing these complex entities requires an in-depth knowledge of the nature of non-profit activity, the structures and needs of such organizations, and the essentials of revenue generation through grants, donations, and events. Students will receive extensive introduction to these topics and explore the nature of non-profit development. There will be a limited number of internships tied to the course as well, to enhance the praxis-oriented learning environment created by the guest speakers.

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