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Adult/Gerontology Health Acute Care Nursing I

This course introduces the role of the Adult Gerontology Acute Care (AG/AC) Clinical Nurse Specialist, focusing on the patient sphere of influence. The course refines students' clinical judgments and their diagnosis of common patient problems in the autonomous domain, extends assessment skills, and expands knowledge of nursing interventions and expected outcomes. Students acquire and expand the knowledge and skills needed for the advanced practice direct care competency and ethical decision-making. Diversity, health care disparities, and ethical issues will be discussed as they relate to the clinical topics. Students will apply theory and research through comprehensive assessments and the design of appropriate management strategies.

Offered in:

2016 Spring

Section Class Number Weekly Schedule Time Instructor Location
01 2076 Th 04:00 PM - 06:45 PM Curtin,Linda W01-0044 More Info