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Integrating the Sciences through Energy

This course is a graduate-level science content course designed for pre-service and in-service middle school science teachers and contextualized to the standards/inquiry-based middle school curricula. It provides graduate-level content while modeling sound pedagogy. Using current and future curriculum materials, as well as State and National standards for the teaching of science at the middle school level, this course offers an in-depth exploration of fundamental principles of energy as they relate to biological, physical, chemical, and earth sciences. Special emphasis will be placed on the interdisciplinary relationships among these topics so that energy can be used to integrate across the disciplinary sciences. Students will exposed to the current state of knowledge in the scientific community through laboratory activities, outside readings, classroom presentations, and in-depth discussions with classmates. Student swill participate in hands-on, inquiry based exercises drawn from National science standards-based middle school instructional materials which will allow them to review these teaching materials and methods, as well as develop research-based strategies for communicating with students, especially English language learners and students with other special needs.

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