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Econ Pub Policy I

This is the first term of a two-semester core sequence devoted to exploring the basic economics of policy analysis from both a microeconomic and macroeconomic perspective. The course is taught from both a theorectical and case study perspective. As with traditional graduate economics offerings, the micro/macro sequence begins with the foundations of household and firm behavior. Units in this course include production decisions; the theory of consumer choice; market structures; discrimination; the simple analytics of welfare maximization; public sector economics, including expenditure analysis, taxation, and regulation; theories of externalities and public goods; tax incidence; and the principles of cost-benefit analysis. The macroeconomic units include theories of income determination and income distribution and the problem of unemployment; the workings of financial markets and interest rate structures; the impact of macroeconomic policy on state and local government; and the constraints placed on domestic policy as a result of the internationalization of the economy.

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