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Developmental perspectives on infant-parent mental health

The course focuses on issues and theories of infants' and young children's mental health. It will interweave theory and practice. Students will come to understand critical domains of infant mental health, including normative and pathological manifestations of infant social and behavioral problems, dysregulation, sensory and motor processes, cognition as well as adult issues, such as attachment history, trauma and personality disorders and the role of culture as the affect young children's mental health. Students will become familiar with current theories and associated treatments for early mental health problems including psychodynamic, cognitive, mentalizing, relational, sensory integration, and mindfulness. The course will include evaluation of clinical case material and treatment techniques. Common early forms of mental health problems, such as anxiety disorders, attachment and relationship problems, autism spectrum disorder, post partum affective disorders, adoption, problems, of arousal and trauma of children and caretakers will be presented. Student will be introduced to the diagnostic techniques for infants and children.

Pre Requisites: PSYCLN PHD Students Only

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