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Standardized Assessments for Students with Moderate Disabilities, PreK-12

This course examines standardized assessment procedures and tools for nondiscriminatory screening and identification of students with special educational needs (PreK-8 and 5-12). Primary emphasis is given to appropriate administering, scoring, and interpreting norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests designed to assess student learning styles and academic achievement. Through field-based experiences participants administer a test battery to an individual student and learn how to analyze patterns of strength and weakness, how to synthesize findings into professional reports, and how to determine appropriate goals, objectives, and instructional recommendations.

Offered in:

2016 Spring

Section Class Number Weekly Schedule Time Instructor Location
01 1998 Tu 07:00 PM - 09:45 PM LaVerde,Anthony W01-0037 More Info

2015 Fall

Section Class Number Weekly Schedule Time Instructor Location
02 2774 Tu 04:00 PM - 06:45 PM Lo,Lusa M02-0207 More Info