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Consultation and Interpersonal Skills

Students demonstrate an understanding of the principles involved in consultation and interpersonal skills. Intervention strategies and interviewing techniques will be stressed. Discussions include dynamics of the team process, roadblocks to communication, and analysis of a school system, with subsequent in-service recommendations. Students have an opportunity to apply these learned skills while examining theory concurrently. The course includes a fieldwork component.

Pre Requisites: Pre-req = Graduate Degree Student in Special Ed

Offered in:

2017 Fall

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01C 7661 M||W
4:00 - 6:45 pm|7:00 - 7:00 pm
Lo,Lusa LMS CHAT|ON-LINE|W01-0029|W01-0012
Session: CE Online
Class Dates: 09/11/2017|10/11/2017|10/16/2017|11/06/2017|11/13/2017|11/27/2017|12/04/2017 - 10/09/2017|12/08/2017|10/11/2017|10/30/2017|11/06/2017|11/20/2017|11/27/2017|12/04/2017
Capacity: 20
Enrolled: 12
Status: Open
Credits: 3/3
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Pre Requisites: Pre-req = Graduate Degree Student in Special Ed
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