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Art History in Action: Materials & Methods

Through the close analysis of texts and works of art this course examines the kinds of questions art historians have asked and are now asking and the variety of methods they use to study issues of style, subject matter, artistic intentionality, reception, and personal and ethnic identity. It also addresses the institutionssuch as universities, museums, auction houses, and publishing housesthat provide forums of art historical discourse. Critical analysis of the field of art history is supported by multiple classes taught on site in local museums. Students will be given a detailed introduction to research materials and the mechanics of academic writing, including how to write a visual analysis; how to compile and annotate a bibliography; how to distinguish what belongs in the text from what belongs in the endnotes; how to construct and argument; and, ultimately, how to write a research paper. Some material will be presented in a lecture format, but most classes will focus on group discussions, student presentations, and in-class collaborative projects.

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