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Natural History of Nantucket

This course is a field-based exploration of the natural history and ecology of the island of Nantucket, with an emphasis on the interplay between coastal, marine and land ecosystems. Students build on foundational principles of the environmental sciences through development and practice of observation, identification, and interpretation skills and the keeping of a refined naturalist field journal. Topics include natural community composition and structure, biographic concepts, ecological succession, identification and classification skills for flora and fauna (including an introduction to botanical keys, as well as extensive use of other types of field guides), and the history and philosophy of Natural History. Course format includes lectures, discussions, and a significant field component. No pre-requisites are associated with this course. It is open only to UMass Boston students admitted to the Nantucket semester program offered in collaboration with CAPS. The program serves junior and senior students across the environmental fields including CSM and CLA majors and as such the complete listing of course permutations that would meet pre-req requirements is not possible. All students admitted to the program are evaluated based on academic preparation (completion of minimum 30 credits including at least 1 introductory science course and mathematics course), faculty references, student application essays, and formal interviews.

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