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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is designed to provide a foundational level of knowledge of the field of Human Kinesiology, and will serve as a primer for students who will be entering higher levels of the health and fitness professions. This course places particular emphasis on expanding the students level of understanding of functional musculoskeletal anatomy. Mechanical and anatomical concepts essential for understanding human movement are integrated routinely through this course. After introductory sections on these underlying kinesiological principles, this course systematically progresses through the human body on a joint by joint basis, and then explores the synergistic interaction of all joints systems that is the hallmark of human motion. Topics of focus will include classification of joint systems, connective tissue anatomy and biomechanics, arthrokinematics, and kinetics. Clinical and athletic application of these principles will be made through sections on the biomechanics of sport and exercise.

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