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Health Behavior Change

This course is an introduction to the science of health behavior change. The most commonly used theories, models, and strategies of health behavior change will be explored in the context of promoting health and preventing disease. The particular emphasis of the course is on health behavior change in relation to improving physical activity, eating nutritiously, eliminating tobacco use, and other lifestyle-related habits, that impede optimal health and wellness. This course is designed to teach students the theory-based skills and strategies they need to take a patient or client from knowing what they need to do to achieving behavior change. For example, have you ever wondered why individuals who know how to exercise and eat right, do not engage in these healthy behaviors, or why individuals cannot maintain a healthy behavior change? This course will provide the student with the background theory behind human behavior and introduce the student to motivational strategies and tools that can promote a lasting health behavior change. Emphasis is placed on improving student competency in designing evidence-and theory -based interventions for individuals and groups. This course will lay the foundation for EHS 360 Wellness Coaching Techniques where the student will learn the counseling skills to interact with individuals and groups in health promotion and health care settings. The course has particular relevance to students who plan to be exercise specialists, nutritionists, health educators, physical therapists, physical assistance, nurses, psychologist and other health care professionals.

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